Zero Waste Dark Sky Park Camping with IDEAS

HellooOOo my friends! IDEAS is going camping!

We've been wanting to do this for a while, and the time has finally come! The camping shall take place at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park, which was named Florida’s First Dark Sky Place (a relevant article is linked below). We want to lay down and

look at the abundance of stars with you, and even express why we love our own planet. So join in!

The campsite reservations have been covered by the club, so no worries about that cost. We are attempting to make this a zero waste camping trip because our mother Earth deserves it, and boy oh boy, have I been a part of some wasteful camping trips in my life. Let's take on the challenge! That being said, we aim to take as few cars as possible, so carpools will be arranged closer to the date. We understand that schedules are tricky, and plan on having one car leave as late as needed. As long as we have people in by park closing time, we shall be fine and given the gate code.

AHH, I'm pumped. Stargazing with you all will be a nice and deep calm before the storm of finals.

Article about Kissimmee Prarie Preserve-

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33104 NW 192nd Ave, 34972
13 April , Friday 14:00

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