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Legendariske ZEKE gjester Krøsset 4. april!
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“ZEKE sound like the Dwarves if they snorted a tub of meth every day” – LA Weekly “Chainsaw punk rock played with a MC5/Motörhead attitude” – Village Voice
“I can say without hyperbole that this big-guitar

engine-block rock is a million times better than whatever it is you’re currently listening to.” – Guitar World
“Ride With Zeke” has quickly become the mantra for music fans who have accepted the invitation brought on by Heckler Magazine when they said, “Welcome the new monsters of rock.” It’s no doubt true that West Coast punk / thrashers ZEKE are monsters. Ever since their very first gig at the Rock City in Seattle in 1993, people have had no choice but to pay attention. Their records will assault you, and their live show will batter you. ZEKE established a nasty disposition while cutting teeth on their own brash hardcore punk.
ZEKE formed in 1993 with an original lineup of Blind Marky Felchtone, Donny Paycheck, Mark Pierce, and Dizzy Lee Roth. The band’s first release was 1993’s West Seattle Acid Party, a single on Wrecking Ball Records, followed by the Holley 750 single on IFA Records. ZEKE then set out to bring their ener- getic recordings to the stage and established a more than formidable reputation as “the live band to beat” via concentrated regional touring. The self titled single Zeke was then released on Scooch Pooch Records and was followed by the 1995 release Super Sound Racing. ZEKE was heralded as “Rock and Roll outlaws,” playing every conceivable venue that would have them.
The release of the next full-length, Flat Tracker a year later ensured ZEKE had enough audio ammo to stay on the road for months on end. And tour they would... In 1997 Man’s Ruin Records issued the live album PIG to a rousing response.
ZEKE then signed to Epitaph Records in 1998, releasing, Kicked In The Teeth. It was mixed and engi- neered by Jack Endino and the album’s increased distribution and availability found the band legions of white-knuckled new followers.
In early 2000, ZEKE released Dirty Sanchez, which was recorded with Kurt Bloch of The Fastbacks. The album bludgeoned with tireless energy. Following the album’s release, bassist Mark Pierce left the band and was replaced by Jeff “The Kid” Matz.

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04 April , Wednesday 20:00

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