Yongpyeong Resort Overnight Ski/SB Trip 용평리조트,Snow Festival,대관령 눈꽃축제, Snow Hill Lodge 스노우힐펜션,

Hi~! all!

We will have an overnight ski/SB trip and stay snowy pension in Yongpyeong!
We will offer best deal as a group discount for lift,rental(gears=boots+plate+poles,clothings)

And, there will be snow festival to celebrate to be a host of 2018 Winter Olympic in the town we can enjoy!
So, it's

perfect to visit there and if anyone have already been there, good chance to visit again!

♣ Waterpark for non-skiers on Saturday 옵션,워터파크 토요일
We can enjoy indoor swimming pool and spa too. there is sauna only at the resort.
Bring your swim suit and drinks and chill out. We can get around 40% discounted ticket for you.Just bring your cash.

♣ How to Join 신청하는 방법

❂ Please RSVP to the event and wire the money ASAP. First wired and then confirmed~! 42 spots limited!

Basic fund 68,000won for Chartered bus, accomodation, (Dinner,Breakfast) 68천원, 버스,숙박,저녁,아침
The entrance fee for the snow festival would 5~10k is not included

A.Sat) Yongpyeong ski resort : Lift + gear rental : extra 52,000 won for 1230PM ~ 430PM , 45%discounted price for the regular lift and rental price. ( 1230PM~9PM night skiiing add 15K won,so 67Kwon) 토요일 오후 스키 52천원 추가, 야간 67천원 추가

B.Sunday) YP resort or Snow Festival : Bus run to Snow festival
* Sunday skiers(830~12AM,extra 52K won cash on the day) 일요일 스키렌탈 52천원 추가

1) Join SeoulHikingGroup then RSVP on the event.Freinds too!
Bank name: Kookmin Bank
Bank account number: 762301-04-223562
My account name: 김승일(Seoul Hiking))

♣ Pay on the day in the bus without paying in advance
Basic fee = 78,000, Yongpyeong.Sat = 130,000 won

[DISCOUNT] from the basic fee 68K won, 3가지 할인 방법!
A. ₩-6,000 now - Friday, Jan, 1nd
B. ₩-3,000,000: ~ Friday,Jan, 8th

♣ FREQUENT BUS TRIPS for those who have been on but trip with us previously: If you traveled with the Seoul Hiking Group before:
1~2times/ -₩2,000 discount
3~4times/ -₩4k won
5~6T/ -₩6k, 7~8T/ -₩8k, 9~10T/ -₩10k
11~19T/-₩12K, 20Times~29T/-₩14K, 30Times~/-₩16K,

♣ GROUP DISCOUNT(more than 5 person)-5,000won per person
- email to seoulhiking@gmail.com (list of full names more than 5 people, the EXACT time and date of each person money wired)

♣ For confirmation, email to seoulhiking@gmail.com or post on the event. 입금후에는 아래내용 복사 이메일 보내주세요!!!
------------Begin Copy & modify--------
1. TITLE: Jan, 16th-17th Ski/Snowboard Trip To Pyeongchang,Yongpyeong Resort,Snow Festival
(please add names when you wire money for others)
3. EXACT TIME, DATE and how much ₩ you wired :
4. choose ONE PLACE to be picked up: Hapjeong,Sinyongsan station, Express Bus Terminal station, Jukjeon
--------------END copy & modify -------------

♣ Fill up the rental form,the rental will be prepared in the order. 대여정보 입력하기!!!

♣ Room Assignment , when you have a group of people 방배정
- 4person,6person,7~8person size room. A room leader can claim when you email for the confirmation to seoulhiking@gmail.com
- there should be a room for solo travellers and women only room.
- 10 people of a group can claim an entire unit(a room,a bath room,a big living room with a kitchen), 20 people(2 rooms,a bathroom, a big living room with a kitchen)

♣ ITINERARY 일정, 반드시 기억하세요.시간변동있으면 당일 공지합니다!

[7AM] (check below for map) pick up

BUS STOP(choose one) :
700AM:Hapjeong,out exit8,711.(come out of exit9, across to SK Gas station)
715AM:Sinyongsna station,(신용산역),exit2(from Yongsan stn, walk to white huge LStower,check the map below)
730AM:Express Bus Terminal(고속터미널역),line3&7,9 crossing,out of exit8
755AM: Jukjeon, is not for firstcomer or check the map and only by taxi.

Map of pickup(please,firstcomers must read the below link!)

[1030AM] Rental shop
pick up the rental gears and clothings already prepared!

[1130AM] Ski resort - get the lift ticket from our guide
[5PM] return gear, those who want to ski on Sundayy pick up lift ticket for Sunday
[6PM] dinner together

[♣ Cooking Party] 펜션디너 바베큐파티!!
Every room has a kitchen, burner,pan, utensils
We provide diverse ingredients
- bread, an alternative cabbage wrap instead of bread (빵,빵 대신에는 캐비지 랩)
- vegetable : Egg plant, Zuccini, onions, tomatoes, salad!(야채: 양파, 토마토, 샐러드)
- apples, bananas for breakfast(아침을 위한 사과와 바나나)
- cheese,ketchup,salsa sauce


[7AM] Breakfast together
[8AM] bus to rentalshop,
Snow festival, YP resort
1230PM pickup at YP resort
1PM pickup at Snow Festival
1PM Departs for Seoul, please have some snacks before leaving.
arrive approx. at 5~6PM depending on traffic

[♣ Refund Policy] 환불요청은 아래로,이벤트 3일전 해주세요!
(No exception to anyone,any friends.equal to anyone)

@ [http://2url.kr/hXT]

In order to get a refund you must include the following: Bank information, trip name, bank name, account number and how much you wired.
* There is a 10,000 won cancellation fee for those that cancel 3 days prior to the trip. You do however, have the option to save the money for credit for future trips (avoid the cancellation fee!)

-For those that cancel 48-24 hours before departure, you are eligible for a 50% refund or you can use credit of (50%+10,000) for future trip
-For those that cancel 24 hours before departure you may use 30,000won as credit towards future trips. OR you can be reimbursed 20,000won
*IF you fail to show up, you will not get a refund.

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16 January , Saturday 07:00

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