YIN Tantra Yoga at Release with OnaRay

YIN YOGA is a deeply powerful form of yoga for moving energy (chi/prana) and transforming the energy of emotions and physical blocks.

YIN Tantra Yoga is a class designed to reconnect with the Feminine. Tantra wisdom arose in reaction to the denial of the body and denial of the feminine thousands

of years ago.

WHY I ask, did we and do we consider the body as an enemy?

Why do we deny the power of feminine energies?

Why I am devoted to exploring the path of TANTRA is how it teaches union, honors the polarity of life, expands perception, and represents or means, “instrument of expansion.” Tantra arose out of the seeds of Samkhya, Classical Yoga, and Buddhism but quickly surpassed all of these philosophies because it denied a patriarchal and dualistic approached to life, but rather embraced the feminine, the principle of unity for anyone to practice. THIS is WHY I on a Tantric Path and am here with a life purpose to share the teachings and embody the beauty of the wisdom!

YIN Tantra Yoga is not for beginners, however beginners can benefit from the practice to enhance their overall Yoga Practice to help open the body through a subtle, calm, yet deeply powerful practice.

THIS 75-minute class will allow the BODY to become CALM, the BREATH more Alive, the MIND to Quiet!

EVERY class will cater the needs and desires of the students.

EVERY class will offer subtle awareness of how life moves inside.

EVERY class will allow for your inner teacher to come alive and teach how to respect your innate body needs that is unique to you in life and in the moment!

THE BEAUTY and MAGIC of YIN is when coming out of a Asana (posture) there will be a natural sense of fragility, or “weakness” some may say… HOWEVER, in order to BUILD oneself, ONE MUST tear down the old, release what is not serving us TO REBUILD and become RENEWED!

YES there is a deliberately pulling the body apart and holding it open to REVEAL and Illuminate hidden parts of ourselves that may be sensitive at first and NEED extra support and LOVE to become stronger, more resilient in the future!

ONE must experience YIN YOGA to fully understand, will not by reading about what it means., ONE MUST partake for the quench of wisdom to get embodied!

COME experience YIN Tantra Yoga with OnaRay!

COME create union with Tantra and Yoga, which both focuses on expansion in life that leads to unification, and for unification there must be expansion!

“Tantra is sadhana and sadhana is Tantra.” -- Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

This system is open to EVERYBODY regardless of previous yoga experience and physical capabilities!

With love and gratitude,

OnaRay Heart (FB)
WHO is OnaRay?

OnaRay’s love of movement has spawned her passion for helping humans move through life with greater ease and grace. This passion now feeds her life purpose as a change-agent for conscious evolution.

OnaRay’s passion for self-mastery led her on a 14-year integrative health academic journey into nutrition, sustainable culture and humanities, somatic and movement therapies, consciousness studies, and the healing arts that led her to earn two degrees. She also continued to deepen her knowledge studying effective communication styles with Authentic Relating, Non-Violent Communication, and Mind-Body Centering that has deepen her understanding of how humans relate and find more joy through self-expression and freedom with movement.

OnaRay has been a devoted practitioner of Tantra, Yoga, and Healing Arts for over 20 years. She is dedicated to living a life of purpose nourishing her students with inspiration to states of greater self-awareness and consciousness. She believes that a “Yogic Way of Life” helps individuals move towards their highest potential and awakens a deeper heart connection stimulating more aliveness and happiness inside.

OnaRay earned her 200 YTT in a beautiful OSHO intentional community in 2012 and continues to add to her knowledge and practice studying different disciplines with renowned teachers world-wide. She finds herself now inspiring her students with playful, yet challenging innovative approaches to movement therapies and yoga with her rich body of knowledge.

She offers a transformational experience with every class that helps her students yearn more for self-discovery and meaning in life. She now has created “Tantric Heart Yoga” as her own artfully curated fusion of practices from different lineages offering this unique approach focused on the Art of Inner and Outer Connection!

Over the past 8 years, OnaRay has developed a love affair of Acro Yoga and partner dancing. She has studied intensively attending specialized trainings and attending festivals globally. She now has taught in over 14 countries. OnaRay loves sharing her gift of heartfelt connection through breath and movement and continues to live as an eager student and devoted teacher, and lover of life!

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1201 Santa Fe Dr, Suite D, 80204
02 April , Monday 20:00

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