.:::YEAR.OF.NO.LIGHT/JAKOB/SECRET.SHOW:::. @ Muziekclub 4AD, Diksmuide

Alter Ego vzw and Music Club 4AD proudly present 'Animalia'.

An exclusive evening of post-rock, sludge, doom, drone and ambient with Year Of No Light, Jakob ánd a secret show on 22/April at Music Club 4AD, Diksmuide.

Six artists from six different countries were invited to select three images which

they found suitable for our chosen theme 'Animalia'. This selection will be projected throughout the entire evening. Following artists will show their work: Gundula Blumi, Magdalena Wywrot (Switek), Silvia Grav, Amanda Elledge, Rebecca Cairns and Natalia Drepina.

This evening was made possible with the support of Music Club 4AD and Consouling Sounds.

Special thanks to Sander Jacobs for the lay out of the poster. Visit his page www.sanderjacobs.be.

Photo on the poster for this event is made by vnutrennosti. We are thankful for his support. Visit his pages http://vnutrennosti.tumblr.com/

Information about the special price formulas for the event:
Presale members 4AD: 7€
Presale: 9€
Presale special*: 12€
This includes a promo package of Consouling Sounds which contains:
- Gorath – Apokálypsis (LP),
- Eleanora – Eleanora (EP)
- Red Sparowes – The Fear is Excruciating (CD)

Doors: 12€

Dresscode: silence

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Kleine Dijk 57, 8600
22 April , Friday 20:00

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