Year FIVE of Evelyn Running the LA Marathon!

Hello, my wonderful friends!

This may or may not surprise you, but I get a new scratch every day. It’s true. Every. Single. Day. I’ve become an expert on summing up the severity; knowing immediately if the injury is in danger of leaving a permanent mark. I have a nearly foolproof protocol for moisturizing,

medicating, and bandaging the wound and as a result, I have far fewer scars than by rights I should. At least on my skin.

Little Morty wasn’t even my foster; not really.

If you’ve seen my FaceBook posts, or follow Kitten Rescue, you’ve likely heard of our Journey Home program. Amazing. In light of the massive over-abundance of adoptable kittens in Los Angeles, it seems incredible that there are parts of the country clamoring for kittens. Kitten Rescue has partnered with the ASPCA and Alaska Airlines to transport kittens who would otherwise be euthanized to amazing forever homes. The first transport went to the Cat Adoption Team (CAT) in Portland, OR.

Morty was scheduled to take that flight
Except, all kitties are first fully checked out; vaccinated, treated for anything icky like worms or fleas, and neutered. Morty was just THISMUCH too small for surgery and a little dehydrated. Rescuer extraordinaire, Esther, asked if I could take in the scrawny dude for a couple of weeks, “Just until he gains a little weight.” Since you know me, you know my answer. Just a couple of weeks. Not a big deal.

Morty wouldn’t be here long, so I wasn’t worried about getting attached.

He was so skinny! My other kits were much bigger. I called him, “the baby,” and my big cats went to work welcoming, snuggling, and showing him how to sneak extra treats. He gained weight. A little slower than expected and with a few backslides, but he was doing it! He zipped around my house like a furry, orange pinball and ate like a Great Dane puppy.

Morty missed the second transport, too.

He made weight just as it was leaving. I knew there would be more trips, and, let’s face it, it wasn’t much of a hardship to have the little guy around. I wasn’t fussed.

Something shifted shortly after Morty got neutered. He still zinged about and mostly chowed like a champ, but he missed the intermittent step and occasionally rejected food he’d relished. My Spidey Sense started tingling, but with “the baby” curled up next to me, purring, smiling, hugging my shoulder, everything felt fine. All was well.

Until it wasn’t.

One morning, Morty refused even the most delectable of breakfasts. And I knew. The same part of me that looks down at a deep scratch with a sigh of resignation, held my breath as I took little Morty to what would be his last visit.

FIP. It’s a sneaky, insidious illness. There’s no cure. No treatment. No hope.

It sneaked up on me, this knowledge that losing “the baby,” was going to scar. He was supposed to be temporary. I didn’t prepare for this. Morty was not even mine.

But, the fact is, if you’re in this fight, they’re ALL yours.

Some will make a relatively small impression on their way to a future of spoiling, snacks, and sunny naps. Some will, almost inexplicably, etch their names onto my psyche, creating a tiny tug of the heartstrings when I reflect on the time they spent with me. Happy-sad, teary moments as I miss them just the tiniest bit more than my happiness can eclipse.

Then, there are The Three: Dora, Violet, Morty. I lost fragile Dora to a heart condition. Violet and Morty were both victims of FIP. I held all three as they passed.

Kitten Rescue is dedicated to the forgotten felines of Los Angeles. We place kittens of all ages into forever homes. I could (and will!) bring you 100s of happy stories of amazing adoptions. When things go as planned, it’s phenomenal. Who doesn’t live for a happy ending?

For me, the true test of commitment comes during the moments of heartbreak. When a little one leaves the pain – and me – behind. When I wonder if I’m going to recover this time; what kind of scar will this leave? But it’s so worth it.

I’m so grateful to be part of this organization that is totally committed to bringing love, care, and comfort for the entirety of our kitties’ lives, whether that’s measured in hours, days, months or decades.
That kind of commitment requires resources and funding.

For the fifth year in a row, I’m running the LA Marathon to raise money for Kitten Rescue. I’m thrilled to tell you that, thanks in part to past donations, we’re growing and impacting even more lives. I hope you’ll consider supporting me again as I run. Your gift makes such a difference!

Here are a few of the incredible programs Kitten Rescue has going on:
1. The Journey Home project, sending kitties to forever homes in other parts of the country
2. A brand new Bottle Baby Nursery so we can take in dozens more of the most vulnerable infants from our city shelters (slotted to open April 2016!)
3. The Hope Fund for sick and injured cats

Thank you for supporting me! Thank you for helping Kitten Rescue continue to provide love and comfort for the innocents.

With love,


Here is the link for my fundraising page:

As a special incentive this year, everyone who donates $100 or more will be entered into a drawing to win a pet portrait from AND will receive a Kitten Rescue Calendar!

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