Xpose: Fabrizio Rat Live / Aleja Sanchez / 30th March.

As promised we will be having our 1st installment for 2018 in March, eve of a public holiday. Celebrating it with what is believed to be one of the best live performances at the moment all around the globe Fabrizio Rat aka La Machina & the Colombian Rising Heavyweight Aleja Sanchez



Rat has clear ideas. « My project is simple» he affirms. “ Take a piano, the classic and romantic instrument par excellence, and project it into the hypnotic and powerful soundscape of techno music “.
As a matter of fact, Fabrizio comes from a double background.
He’s a classically trained pianist who practised improvisation and composed contemporary music, but since his teenage years he has produced electronic music, and spent hours and days with computer, synthesisers and drum machines.
Since his teenage years Fabrizio has worked simultaneously on both classical and electronic music productions. He’s definitely not the classical music guy who has just discovered techno. Throughout his apprentice years at the musical academy in Turin he was working as a producer in dance music studios at the same time
Arriving in Paris in 2007 his objective starts to take shape. “ I always had this idea to do electronic music you can dance to, techno, with acoustic instruments, and especially with the piano. “
In 2010 he starts a first band called Jukebox, then Cabaret Contemporain, an ensemble of Technoid music with 2 double basses, guitar, drum and piano. Unsurprisingly, it’s in front of the dancefloor, in clubs or festivals, that Fabrizio plays his live sets. With the right hand he plays repetitive rhythmical patterns while the left one handles the machines (effects, TB-303, TR-8) and manipulates the piano strings.
His goal is to reach “ the trance, to project on the dancers the hypnotic state of my right hand moving on the piano “.

Born in Bogota, Colombia, Aleja Sanchez has been active in the techno scene since 2007. A mental and deep but forceful sound combined with a natural penchant for experimental and diverse soundscapes with raw lines have laid the foundations for her to develop a highly unique musical voice into the International techno circuit.

This aesthetic applies to her DJ sets and explains why she has been invited to direct the booths in places like Tresor.Berlin (Germany), Stardust (Spain), Razzmatazz (Spain), Perpetum (Czech Republic), Flex (Austria), Sound Deparment (Italy) among others.

As a producer Aleja Sanchez is not only a regular contributor to Nachtstrom Schallplatten and Planet Rhythm but also a fundamental piece of Illegal Alien Records and the label head of Northallsen records. With an experimental hypnotic and fused techno and a gentle and melancholic ambient current she reveals her stylized and unique sound.

Deepness, quality and versatility are characteristics of Aleja Sanchez who always strives to create a unique dialogue between the environment, techno and experimental electronics, carefully curated and skillfully organized in an unique and sonorous landscape both in the studio and behind the decks.

Supported by Xpose Resident: Patient

Tickets: 20e


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Limiti tal- Balal
San Gwann
30 March , Friday 22:30

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