Workplace Update Seminar - Bathurst

Are your casuals really casual?

‘Wage theft is a new business model for too many employers’ says Sally McManus, Secretary of the ACTU.

Casual workers and independent contractors are at the heart of a bitter national debate fuelled by a revitalised union movement.

Employers must contend with flawed

workplace legislation, an increasingly litigious workforce, and a hard-nosed regulator (Fair Work Ombudsman) with increased powers to prosecute and punish. The risk to business is escalating.

Making up over 20% of our workforce, growing numbers of employers are being penalised for failing to meet their obligations to casual workers under the relevant modern award – mostly through oversight.

High risk surrounds a ‘regular and systematic’ casual, due to potential classification as a permanent employee by the Ombudsman. Resulting claims of underpayment and unfair dismissal can open the door to hefty back payments for leave, plus fines of up to $63,000 per breach.

In this event, you will learn practical tips for mitigating the risk and cost to your business. Topics include:
-Assessing risk to your business
-Building compliance through contracts and record keeping
-Conversion-to-permanent employment provisions in modern awards
-General update on workplace legislation

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1 Conrod Straight, 2795
23 May , Wednesday 08:30

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