Williss Consulting - Workshop Series - 2# Project Scope Management

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The Williss Consulting, Project Professional Development – Workshop Series, is a series of Project Workshops designed to develop and enhance existing

skills and to build on knowledge in areas of Project management. The programs are tailored to suit individuals looking to build on their foundations in project management and for project professionals refreshing and updating their skills in an ever changing market.
The Project Workshops are designed to provide the participants with a step by step process in which to Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor, Control and Close projects effectively, whilst gaining the skills and knowledge to promote project management with in their workplace both theoretical and practical, using PMBOK as a lead approach to project management. These series of Workshops are ideal for any one aspiring to become a project administrator, coordinator, manager, team leader, program manager or for teams with in business to better understand the process of as to how Projects are delivered successfully.

Course Agenda
This series of workshops have been specifically developed with business, industry and the participants in mind. The structure of modular based workshops allow the participants to not only gain the knowledge and skills with in a collaborative environment, but enables them to return to the workplace to apply their knowledge and skills and translate them into experiences and successes before moving on to the next program in the Workshop series.
2. Project Scope Management “How do we manage the balance between Project Objectives & Stakeholder Needs?”

During this workshop we will cover the following topics

How do we define a project Scope of Work (SOW)? - I.e. how to gather the requirements, define the Scope, and categorise it.

How do we then identify the critical outcomes of the project?

And how do we work back in detail from the critical objectives to further define the SOW.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of this workshop participants should be able to:

Implement a range of strategies to improve work outcomes

Demonstrate scope management techniques

Identify systems and processes used to organise and prioritise tasks

Williss Consulting – Project Professional Development - Workshop Series
1. Project Integration Management - “How do we manage the balance between Project Objectives & Stakeholder Needs?”
2. Project Scope Management - “Understanding the connection between an Accurate SOW and Project Success”
3. Project Time Management - “How do we better allocate our Time to control Project Outcomes?”
4. Project Cost Management - “Understanding the links between Business Strategy and Project Cost Control”
5. Project Quality Management - “How do we prevent the sacrifice of Quality over Cost in today's Market?”
6. Project Human Resource Management - “Respecting the Human relationships in Project Management & how we identify those Relationships.”
7. Project Communications Management - “How can Communications be improved between project parties to ensure clear transition and transparency?”
8. Project Risk Management - “Looking at how we identify Risk and knowing how to either eliminate or mitigate risk to all parties.”
9. Project Procurement Management - “How do we identify the critical nature of procurement and purchasing in Projects “
10. Project Stakeholder Management - “Identifying which Stakeholders can have a direct impact on our Project, its Success and how we manage”

This Series of Programs have been developed for?

Project Managers & Project Team Members

Program Managers

Operations Managers

Sales personnel

Marketing personnel


Software Developers

Event Planners

Political Campaign Managers

Corporate Executives

Other roles that support product development

Project Workshop Duration: 4 hours (2 workshops held daily)

For more information regarding the Williss Consulting, Project Professional Development – Workshop Series please email: info@willissconsulting.com.au

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