Wildside presents Deborah De Luca at Lenox

Line up :
⚫ Deborah de Luca (Sola_mente)

⚫ Pablo Abouzeid (Moon Republic)

⚫ Mark Netty (Ion Music, DeckFat Records) Lu

⚫ Hugo HP (WildSide Luxembourg)


up by Leo Lopez

Deborah De Luca
Directly from Napoli to Luxembourg, the Godess Deborah De Luca will make us the Honour to be back in Luxembourg.
Naples, who led Deborah to work on her knowledge into new music genres and trends, giving shape to a charisma that immediately has worked hard with productions signed by her as Sola_mente Records label founded in March 2013.
Her music in a few years, became a high quality brand, a good fusion of hard techno and minimal sounds without ever being common . All of this is synonymous with passion and strong personality.
Today, Deborah De Luca plays all over the world and continues to produce always fresh and innovative music , although she doesn't belong to any musical trend , but conciliates always different tastes.

Pablo Abouzeid
In the massive winter 09 Pablo started spinning the craziest parties in Wonderbar After-hours club, In the summer of that same year Pablo hooks up with The Basement Club, one of the best electronic clubs in the city for a weekly residency!
PABLO played in the well known international yearly dance festival DISTANT HEAT 09 with Armin Van Buren in Wadi Rum where he played a crowd of thousands on the sands of the red sea Aqaba..
PABLO also performs in corporate events & fashion shows, his latest were the Tony Yaacoub show in Down-Town Beirut as well as the Nicolas Gebran show in Sursock Palace.
Along those previous events, he also plays his own organised theme parties in the number one club in the Middle East B 018
PABLO’s current events & Residencies:
"Forestronika", The Electronic Music Festival
Moon Republic
Playroom "After-Hours" NO AFTER // NO PARTY Weekly Show

⬛️ where ?

Lenox 58 Rue du Fort Neiperg L2230

*By Train:

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58, rue du Fort Neipperg, 2230
30 April , Monday 23:00

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