Why your business should be on the WeChat Platform?

Do you use WeChat? It’s probably easier to count who does use WeChat?

It’s not surprise that in Singapore, we use WhatsApp and Facebook more often as most of our friends are on Facebook & WhatsApp but not on WeChat.

Do you think WeChat, or Weixin it’s just like WhatsApp, a messaging tool?? NOPE, WeChat

has more than just a messaging app!! On the surface, it’s easy to underestimate this app as just another messaging app as the interface seems looks just like any other chat app out there right now.

WeChat is a combination of WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Amazon and much more. It’s very fun and user friendly, you can do just about anything on this one app. What more? It has 28 unique useful functions that WhatsApp and Facebook don't have.

Who's it for?
Are you an Entrepreneur who wants to take in the path to expand your business into China market, and to cooperate with more local enterprises?

Are you the MarketingProfessionals who want to take charge all the giants of the technology world and rolling them all into one SINGLE app?

Are you a Career Changers who want to know how to sell to China through cross-border on WeChat? Can you sell this way? How to start?

Not Sure? What’s holding you back?

You do not know Chinese? WeChat can translate 21 languages including moments posts and news!! And voice translation too!!

WeChat Moments work like Facebook newsfeeds, you can post anything you like, including photos and videos within 10 seconds.

In the workshop, you will learn:

* How to generate traffice and increase conversion rate for your business
* How to set up a WeChat shop
* How to build a solid influence and brand

Reach out to the growing WeChat users worldwide, by equipping yourself with the latest tools!

Join our HOT WeChat marketing workshop to out beat your competitors!

Seats are limited, reserve your seat NOW!


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