Why‽ Symposium

"The aim of argument, or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress." - Joseph Joubert.

Symposium - a drinking party or lively discussion.

Come and contribute to Why‽ Symposium, a three day collaborative adventure held in a Southern Tasmanian bush setting that amalgamates electronic music,

discussions, and talks into one event that we hope will enhance social interaction, and inspire discussions that may make you question reality.

Symposiasts (that’s you!) come and experience and discuss life, the universe, and Why? in a friendly, vibrant, and delectable setting whilst being entertained by world renowned local and national artists creating vibrations both audible and visual.

+++Over 18 event+++
+++Tickets and first line-up announcement coming soon.+++

LEARN all you desire, EDUCATE and give knowledge freely, DISCUSS ideas and concepts, EVOLVE yourself to aid humanity, and ENJOY the pleasure of music with the company of friends, REPEAT.

Why‽ - Question Everything

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09 February , Friday 12:00