What is your interest in FANHS-HR hosting a national conference?

We did in 2000. Could we in 2018 or 2020 (both of which are unscheduled at this point)?

Who would be interested in supporting, participating or attending a Filipino American National Historical Society national conference that our local chapter would host?

Folks met to post-op on the last conference

held in New Mexico earlier this month. The idea of healing was an important theme throughout the event. We argued about the pros and cons of hosting a national conference, as we already have in 2000.

I believe our chapter - whether you're an active member or a friend of FANHS - is rich in resource that should be shared. Our mission is to both grow membership but to also help evolve the national chapter.

Oftentimes, I have heard that the HR chapter is well-liked and held in high-esteem by other chapters throughout the country because of the successes in youth participation and our inter-generational projects.

Along the way, we have recruited, mentored and have learned from local FilAms how to take artistic, community and political leadership. I believe our community's story is compelling; therefore, ripe for sharing.

My own experience with FANHS has been a slow and meaningful evolution since attending the Wesleyan event in 2000. Now, I have a niece in middle school, I believe it's even more important to have a venue for cultural identity involvement and evolvement. This is not a simple or easy process. Convenience is key - in some respect. And since we have about 40,000 Filipino/Filipino Americans in our area, I believe it's our duty to continue to 'hold space' for such an experience and to share our own cultural experiences and national resources with this community.

One of my favorite quotes is "Social change begins in the kitchen" said by Joan May Cordova, former national president of FANHS, activist, artist and Harvard professor. I believe all the uncles who served as Navy cooks (among other capacities) inadvertently led an important cultural evolution for both the U.S. and the Philippines.

I believe there is a great disconnect between understanding our two countries' long history and relationship and how it has impacted our everyday lives and beliefs as Filipino Americans.

I ask you to join me in further recognizing and understanding our region and our Filipino American community's critical contributions, as well, as our impact and role within U.S. and Philippine history.

I also envision this be a regional opportunity to heal from the aftermath of U.S. imperialism and militarism.

As always, the choice is ours.

Please post your thoughts and feedback on FANHS-Hampton Roads hosting a national conference in 2018. And if you were to participate, at what capacity? And if not, what are your apprehensions?

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04 July , Wednesday 00:00