West Indian National Association T&T Carnival Boat Ride

It's a green and white affair aboard The Harbour Master. Let's Party with The Foreign Base Crew.
Joanne Abass-868-481-9474 TT
Mark Kendal-868-772-1935 TT, 202-245-0200 US
Keith Preddie- 868-372-7194 or 225-7776 TT, 202-423-6116 US
Raffie & Tenisha-868-716-3551,

868-779-7229 TT
Valerie Guerra-868-756-8774 TT, 240-422-7036 US
Triniheat Productions- 301-312-4834 US
Crosby's North & South
Doubles... Jello shots before boarding
Door Prizes...

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C3 Marina, 119 Western Main Road
Port of Spain
04 February , Thursday 15:00

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