Warwick Airport Takeover! Hosted by Form and Function Crew

Its that time again!

This will be the beginning of our Annual Warwick Airport Takeover!

Make sure you’re here for this because it’s going to be live!
Better to be here at the beginning so you can be a part of the movement! #WEONTHECOMEUP

Pricing for this event is going to be as insane as the event


$15 for the Car and driver
$5 for each passenger beyond that

Let’s start this off right.

- First and foremost there will be coverage of this event done by various photographers.

- We will have Videography of this event handled by the one and only Chris Petruccio AKA Krispy!
He will be there making sure nothing is missed!

This event will take place from 11am-6pm.

This event includes VIP for all the following classes:
Cost for VIP:$35 if accepted
IF we get enough submissions and interest we will extend the VIP(for trophies) to the following categories
-Bike (motorcycle)

This, as all our events are, is a tied to a charity. We would love to welcome back this year From Home to Heroes! This is a magnificent military charity for active duty deployed individuals. They will be in attendance. More about this amazing charity can be found here https://www.facebook.com/FromHome2Heroes/
(Additional info for possibly bringing stuff for care packages etc)

We want to give you the details of the day… There is so much to see, experience and expect that day. We want you all to be aware of everything happening so you hopefully do not miss out!
-We will have Antique war planes for you take pictures with! They will have their own section for you to have pictures with. This will be organized as the location they are in will be roped off to protect the planes themselves. We will also have

-We are also going to allow people in an organized fashion to take pictures on the runway and a hangar as well.
Events and attractions:
- Bouncy House obstacle course! ( will get you guys/gals a good picture of it)
- Two Step Contest held on the end of the runway
- Limbo contest
- Photo shoots – Including Antique Warplanes / Runway shots / Hangar shots
- RC –Electric & Nitro car- Car drag racing 1/8 mile competition
- Food vendors (3 different Food trucks and 1 ice cream truck/Italian ice to be shown below)
- Vendors
- Models
- Mountain Dew
- Flex Competition for the Trucks
- Vape cloud Competition

-This is only as of right now… we will be adding more content as it gets closer to the event date.


We are excited to announce our First event sponsor Airlift Performance! They have given us some swag to give away to the first cars arriving that day and some items for our Raffle!

Web: www.airliftperformance.com
IG: @air_lift_performance
FB: https://www.facebook.com/AirLiftPerformance/

This apparel company is pretty amazing and we’re excited to not only have them here as a vendor but as an event sponsor as well! Please, check out their booth at the event to see their line up, but also their social media and web page prior to the event. Get that cash ready and head on over!

Web: http://drivewaymonsters.com/
IG: @drivewaymonsters
FB: https://www.facebook.com/DrivewayMonsters/

We are not only pleased, but proud and excited to announce that Rally Armor will be in attendance at this event as a vendor with their Rally Armor vehicle. Please check out their booth!
Web: www.Rallyarmor.com
IG: @RallyArmor
FB: https://www.facebook.com/rallyarmor/

We also have a local shop that is going to be doing all sorts of aftermarket accessories and work for your vehicle! Please check out their FB for more information on all the things they have to offer!

IG: @toptierperformance

A speed shop local to the area, Function Motorsports! They’re right here out of Florida, NY. Check out their booth at the event. Prior to, check out their work so you know the quality that you’re dealing with.

Web: http://www.functionmotorsports.com/
IG: @functionmotorsports
FB: https://www.facebook.com/functionmotorsports/

We have one of the biggest and best Subaru enthusiast websites around. Not to mention a brand that is growing in popularity and market share. The entire IGOTA.com brand! We also have
Igotacummings.com IG @igotacummings_com
Igotaduramax.com IG @igotaduramax_com
Igotasubaru.com IG @igotasubaru_com
Igotajeep.com IG @igtoajeep_com
Igotamustang.com IG @igotamustang_com

This company has it all and will be in attendance! Check them out!

We have a local Vapor longue here! Bringing you all your local vape needs! Coils, juices, whatever you want. They’ll be there and they’re right here in Warwick! So if he doesn’t have it here, he has it at his local store! Check them out on their FB and IG!

IG: @thevaporlounge_845

One of the best Golf kart or go kart vendors around here! You need anything for a large function like this to have great and fun mobility? This is the company you need! Check them out!


One of the biggest brands out there for Honda Enthusiasts! Check them out, they do it all! They’ll do custom anything if you ask or need!

IG: @HondaLoyalty

We have another brand/lifestyle present that also hosts shows and promotes! Check them out and their booth for information regarding their brand and upcoming projects they have working on! They also have some apparel and other things, from parts and accessories to vinyls for you to check out!

IG: @teamgoldcrew

We have our Clubs premier vinyl vendor here for all your needs! He is also part of the OC Scumbags club and they’re hanging out with him! Check out all he has to offer for special event prices and more about our good friends the Scumbags!

IG: @Stickerdicted
IG: @ocscumbags

Check out their website! The best tire vinyl stickers for your ride you can buy. Exceptional quality and amazing price for what you’re getting! They’ll also make custom stickers for your ride! Check out the website for more info or give them a call!

IG: @tirestickers

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41 Airport Rd, 10990
22 May , Sunday 11:00

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