Walking Home

There was a special feeling to 'Number 365' - the last sunrise picture of 2013.

It was a special group, and included many - though definitely not all - of the town's most giving people: firefighters and police, teachers and students, environmentalists and business owners, dedicated town hall employees

and non-profit leaders and, the heart of the community, family.

It was a feeling that many people have told me they want to experience again and one that I can't help but look back to and reflect upon.

After several years of reflection I have concluded that - for me at least - all of the sunrises leading up that last gathering were about one thing: discovering home.

Up until that last morning I never felt as if I came from anyplace. I had grown up as a service brat, traveling around the world, always feeling like an outsider.

When I started my year-long sunrise project I had a house, a family, friends, but if you asked me where my home was I'd probably say I carried it around with me, on my back. I certainly never thought I would ever have a hometown!

After wandering around in the dark for an entire year I surfaced, on that last day at Plimoth Plantation, to discover that I had been home all along. That's how it felt.

So of course, my big plan now is to leave it all behind.

"Walking Home" will be a year-long journey - a slow meander across America - from somewhere on the west coast (Malibu State Park)), to Plymouth.

I plan to leave the day after Thanksgiving, 2018, and arrive - I hope - at the start of Plymouth's 400th anniversary celebration, exactly a year later.

I want to take the entire year to cross the country, moving slowly, about ten miles a day.

I want to walk slowly - at a conversational pace - so that I can talk with the people in the towns I pass through about what they love about their homes. I want to walk with Plymouth residents as well.

It will be a challenging year, from many perspectives. I will need sponsors, and supporters and, at the same time, I hope to raise money for the homeless.

I know that, for me personally, it will be a wonderful experience: a long walk, a serious talk, an exploration of America. But I hope that by sharing it through pictures and video and other means that you will be right there with me.

I have a lot to do to get ready. I need your help, and participation. Lets get started!

[Feb. 25, and every fourth Sunday thereafter I will host a WalkingHome Committee meeting - from 3-5 pm) at 204 Long Pond Road.

I also have a Crowdrise Fundraising website (crowdrise.com/walkinghome/fundraiser/frankmand), and a very talky website, WalkingHome.US]

Any and every way you can help, would be appreciated.
-Frank Mand

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23 November , Friday 06:00

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