VIP Event Wine Meeting in Frankfurt with Jason Manns, Rob Benedict & Paul Carella - Special Guest Billy Moran

Jason Manns, Rob Benedict & Paul Carella on Tour - Special Guest Billy Moran

Jason Manns
As a singer/songwriter Jason has released his debut album in 2006 and not only plays in the US but has toured Europe multiple times. His original songs are placed in TV Shows in the US, one of those being theTV

Hit-Series Supernatural. He is currently working on a new album with wonderful guest appearances like Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Richard Speight jr. and more.

Rob Benedict
Rob Benedict is an actor with an impressive resume including “Waiting...”, “Kicking and Screaming”, and “Supernatural”, and the lead singer of Louden Swain. He unexpectedly suffered an ischemic stroke, caused by a tear in his carotid artery in 2013. This put Rob’s future in jeopardy. But Rob started making a surprisingly quick recovery, at first he could play but had a hard time enunciating lyrics, but he kept going on. “It was the one thing I could do that felt good, and was good for me.” said Benedict. By January 2014, he was back to full health, much to the amazement of the doctors.

Paul Carella
Paul is a Scottish singer/songwriter. Self taught, Paul learned his trade as a musician playing in the pubs and clubs of Glasgow before moving to London in 2009 to follow his music career. Since then Paul has released a second studio album, which was followed by a 10 date tour in Nashville, Tennessee. That was followed by a UK tour in which Paul supported Alan Price (The Animals) and award winning L.A singer/songwriter Steve Carlson. Paul has also worked with Alabama 3 and The Steve Cradock Band. Over the last 4 years, Paul's music has been played on independent radio stations in the UK and the US.

Billy Moran
Billy Moran is another member of Louden Swain. With the addition of lead guitar player Billy Moran in 2005, they were finally able to not only make the music the wanted to, but with a new layer of sound that matched the epic visions they were hearing in their head.

The VIP Event Wine Meeting in Frankfurt starts approx. at 5 pm. Detailed informations about time and place will be send out to participants 1 week prior to the event.

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22 January , Friday 17:00