VietNam Latin Xperience 2017 (24TH - 26TH, November)

VIETNAM LATIN XPERIENCE 2017 is 6 months away, yet the excitement for the event is spreading all over the Latin community in Vietnam and other countries. We are so happy to invite WORLDWIDE FAMOUS artists coming to us this November to perform, do workshops, bootcamps,

and of course dance with us as well.
- The first names to be mentioned are no other than Terry and Cecile from France, with amazing dance techniques and great musicality. Terry is also well-known as a “dancing machine” with his body spin and how much he has inspired thousands of instructors and dancers all over the world.
- Another famous name is Magna Gopal who is internationally known for her grace, fluidity and precision on the dance floor, the stage and the classroom. There’s also a famous couple in bachata sensual, Sara and Dairo, who are famous at very young ages for their creative moves and the emotion they exude from the dances. Two other artists, JT and Ania from Norwey, who have had an admirable collection of Salsa World Championship cups will also come to the event for 2nd time this year. We'll also have a famous Kizomba artist, Francesco Celestino, and a wellknown and young bachata artist, Basian, coming all the way from Chile.
⚠ The social dance parties this year will be held until late at a large venue in a central park of Hanoi. We will be having a dance floor indoor, and there will be an outdoor hall full of lights by the lake as well if you'd like to dance under the stars.

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Cung Xuan Palace, Số 01 Võ Thị Sáu, Hà Nội, 10000
24 November , Friday 18:00

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