USA Powerlifting Prescott Bar Buster Sanction #AZ 2018 03

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USA Powerlifting Prescott Bar Buster
Sanction # AZ-2018-03

Hosted by:
Captain CrossFit

Directed by:
WADE Strength Systems

Located at:
420 6th Street

AZ 86301

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Hotel Group Info:
Best Western Prescottonian Motel
1317 E. Gurley Street
Prescott, AZ. 86301
Phone: 928-445-3096
Room rate: $134.99 for 2 queens or one king.
The group is called: USA Powerlifting Prescott Bar

Attention all USA Powerlifting members,
The USA Powerlifting Prescott Bar Buster registration is now open. Just click the link below to sign up.
To register for the USA Powerlifting Prescott Bar Buster click the link below!

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Below is a link to volunteer for this meet. If you are not planning to lift but would still like to be an integral part of this USA Powerlifting event let us know by filling out the volunteer form below. This includes all positions needed along with referees.

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Below is a tentative schedule along with some very useful and necessary information. Please read through all the information and use the links provided to further your understanding of what is needed on competition day.
Tentative Meet Schedule:

Friday, June 1, 2018
6:00 pm - 7:30pm: Early Check-ins

Saturday June 2, 2018
6:30 am - 7:30 am Check-in
7:00 am - 8:30 am Weigh-ins
8:30 am - 8:45am Lifter/Rules Meeting
9:00 am approx. Lifting begins
5:00 pm approx. Drug Testing Protocol & Awards

Check in Procedures/Requirements
Membership Card and Photo I.D.
Release of Claims & Liability Form Signed
Opening Attempts on Lifter Card
Equipment Gear/Attire Checked and Approved
Rack Heights & Safety Bar on Bench
Weigh Ins

Proof of Membership
The expiration date must show December 31, of the current year to be valid. (Your member card can be a hard copy or viewed on your phone).
High School lifters must have purchased at a minimum the “Teen” membership for $30.

To look up your Membership Information click Here.

Membership Information
New Membership:

Renew your Membership:

Photo I.D.
Drivers license or state ID that shows your birth date on it.
For youth or high school lifters that do not have a drivers license, please bring a copy of your birth certificate, state ID or passport to verify your age. *You will need both, your ID and member card available for Weigh Ins as well.

Release of Claims and Liability Form
You will need to sign a liability waiver form to compete. For minors, make sure your parent is with you to sign the form.

Opening Attempt Selection
Your lifter card will be provided to you so that you can enter your opening attempts in kilos. (Kilo Conversion Charts will be available)

Rack Heights
Rack Heights for squat and bench along with the safety bar height for bench, will be taken and input on your lifter card.

Rules and Equipment
USA Powerlifting allows the following in Raw lifting; belt, wrist wraps, and knee sleeves.

Lifters Rules and Handbook
You are responsible to know the USA Powerlifting Rules before competing so please read them. They are located on the USA Powerlifting website in the lifters corner section or click on the link below.

USA Powerlifting Lifters Handbook:

USA Powerlifting Raw/Unequipped Standards
The rules for Raw Equipment/Apparel can be found in the USA Powerlifting Technical Rules Handbook. Pages 18-27 USA Powerlifting Technical Rules:

Quick Guideline to Raw/Unequipped Equipment Standards
Non-supportive singlet
T-shirt for Squat and Bench - Non supportive, with sleeves. Back and shoulders must be covered. No compression or spandex material allowed.
Emblems/logos/designs - May be displayed at all USA Powerlifting sanctioned competitions if the emblems/logos/designs meet the USA Powerlifting requirements

Briefs - Men - no boxers or spandex type briefs. Cannot have legs
Women - any kind but, no spandex, compression or legs allowed (We will have men's and women’s briefs available for purchase $10.00, not pretty but will work)
Socks - Knee length for deadlift - (must cover your shins)
Belt - approved type and size - no padding or velcro closure. Cannot exceed 10 cm/4 inches width and 13 mm/.5 inches thick.
Shoes - indoor sport shoe or boot.
Wrist wraps - Not to exceed 1 Meter / 39.37 inches in length and 8 cm / 3 inches in width
Knee Sleeves - Single-ply neoprene knee sleeves without attaching and/or tightening mechanisms like Velcro, clips, or straps. Cannot exceed 7 mm / 25 inches thick and 30 cm / 11.8 inches in length (Knee wraps are not allowed in raw competition but are acceptable if you are registered as equipped)

Weigh In
Weigh-ins will be done by flight and lot numbers. Hand your completed lifting card to the Weigh In Official along with your photo ID and proof of membership.
You must weigh in with your approved briefs.

Youth 13 and under will be required to:
• Weigh-in with their singlet and t-shirt
• Be accompanied by a parent, guardian or coach during weigh-ins
If you check-in early the evening before the meet, the Official checking your equipment will keep your lifting card. Please go to the scoring table to retrieve your card prior to weigh ins on competition morning.

Weight Changes
If you need to make a change to your weight class please let us know as soon as you know to help us assign the flights ahead of the meet day. If you don’t make the weight class you originally signed up for, you will be moved to the appropriate weight class and/or flight or you can withdraw from the meet.

For weight class changes email

Door Fee
Spectator/Coach fee is $5.00 Children under 8 are free.

A food truck will be on sight.

Drug Testing Protocol
We will be testing 10% of the lifters. If you are selected for drug testing please have your photo id and membership card ready and head to the scoring table immediately, when your name is called. If you leave before being tested or refuse to be tested any awards and/or records you may have received will be forfeited. Please refer to the anti doping/WADA rules for more information.
USA Powerlifting Anti Doping Info Page:

Awards will be handed out immediately following the last flight of each session. If you plan to leave before the awards, you may have someone collect the award for you however should your name be chosen to be drug tested and you are not present you will be disqualified. Please plan on staying until all lifting in your session is completed or check with the meet director and/or the referee in charge of drug testing before leaving early.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards will be handed out for each weight class and division. Best Overall Male and Female Lifter prizes by Wilks coefficient will also be awarded at the end of all sessions.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, February 10th at the USA Powerlifting Prescott Bar Buster; Sanction #AZ-2018-03

Additional Questions: Contact Rodney Elm 623-326-2933 or Miryam Elm 602-717-3871


Rodney and Miryam Elm
Meet Directors

Rodney Elm
Arizona State Chair

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420 6th St, 86301
02 June , Saturday 09:00

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