Upward Bound Academic Session 2015-2016

Upward Bound Scholars! Join us for the Saturday Academic Session! This gives you extra assistance and reinforces the classes you are currently taking. Get the edge you need in high school and be prepared for college.

The fall component is designed to strengthen and reinforce the instruction that is

being taught in your respective high schools. You will be enrolled in classes that you are currently taking in school to increase your chances of academic success. Unless otherwise modified, classes will begin at 9:00am and end at 12:15pm. Lunch will be served after the academic sessions.

All classes are held at WVSU. Students are to report to Wallace Hall 122 for morning report and then are dismissed for classes which will also be held in Ferrell Hall. Bus vouchers will be given to students who need to take the bus and are on a bus route.

You are expected to bring general school supplies to your classes, i.e., pens, pencils, paper, etc. These items will be provided to you at first, but thereafter, you are responsible for bringing them to our academic sessions.

Copies of report cards, academic progress reports, and WESTEST scores must be given to the program. In order to receive a stipend, students must have at least a 2.0 GPA.

Students who receive a "C" in math, English, history, or science must participate in a tutorial program online or at a tutorial site until their grades improve.

A stipend will be awarded to participants based on attendance, GPA, tutoring and community service. The maximum amount per month is $50. Students who do not have at least a 2.0 GPA are not eligible to receive stipends.

Kanawha County Schools award credit toward graduation for participation in the Upward Bound program. Students who participated in the fall component 2012 and summer component 2013 will receive a full credit toward an elective requirement for graduation. Students who participated in just ONE of the components will receive a 1/2 credit toward graduation.

Every Upward Bound participant is expected to take part in the community service component. All must participate in the Freerice.com program and choose any of the following:

Freerice.com - Free Rice is an internet based program that provides 10 grains of rice for the hungry for each correct answer given to a specific question. This is an educational program on various subjects that will increase your learning power as well as feed a hungry child or adult. Each Upward Bound participant is expected to contribute 1000 grains of rice a month. This can be achieved by answering 100 questions a month, or two (2) questions a day.

Pop Tabs - Pop tabs will be collected for the Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House provides lodging for parents and terminally ill children. A minimum of 50 pop tabs each academic session are required to count as a contribution.

Can Food - UB contributes can goods to the Union Mission, Mountain Mission, Helping Hands, WVSU Food pantry and Sojourners. Students must bring at least two (2) cans of food each academic session to receive credit for this community service project.

Eye Glasses - The Upward Bound Program supports a community services project sponsored by the Lion's Club. The Lion's Club collects old eye glasses irrespective of their condition and recycles them into glasses for citizens of Third World countries.

Old Cell Phones - Old or broken cell phones are collected to support victims of domestic violence.

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