Udghosh Youth Conference


When the term suggested as 'Misery' lit up as a constant hindrance in our society, students came up with INVINCIBLE – an NGO to enlighten the society by Youth Empowerment. Here at INVINCIBLE, we focus on the values' education, nature's education and adventures. This NGO works in the

direction of channelizing youth towards a Global India. An India which is empowered enough in itself to compete against the worldly issues with the substantial cord defined as 'The Youth'. It envisions active participation of individuals and ensures productivity through its various projects and activities. It inspires young minds to serve the society in a bit and thereby the nation in the whole.


“What Young India Wants?” has been the so called latest trend set when different people are striving to make India a better nation. Amidst this, INVINCIBLE has come up with a rising dawn “Udghosh” – a unique youth conference that has the potential running in itself to answer and solve the burning issues of nation. “Udghosh” will be held in the presence of dignified personalities who have brought an immense impact on the world. On the follow up, this will be intercepted by youths participating in the conference after an analytical round to make sure that the future game changers are a part of the discussion with their enduring colleagues.
The conference is set around the motive to provide compact moral guidance to the youth and to visualize them towards the concrete ways to tackle the issues which the world is facing since a long time. It will prove a benchmark and an elevating platform to the youth to discover the self-contained potentials in them and also initiate their stands for and against the wrong doings of the society.
Here at Udghosh, we visualize the image of an ideal India. The conference is held with a vision to uplift the grooming awareness of the youths and their role in this boosting society. This would also give an insight of our rich culture and tradition, with the emphasis laid upon the moral values related with it. No work in this world is carried out with an individual effort, so It emphasizes on collective endeavours of youth to achieve sustainable development of the nation.


Udghosh encloses the gravity of the top reformative solutions for betterment of India. We dream of a responsible India where every individual will initialize by redefining oneself and will be responsible for the society and towards its upliftment. No word would be allowed to hole up in the repulsive ambience, Udghosh would let every word to get heard and play it's substantial role in the change.
The fundamental objectives of Udghosh are:
· Empowering India to take all fronts together to achieve sustainable development.
· Reforming the systems at zero level to multiply the perks from the old end product.
· To instill values and goodness in the Youth.
· To standardize patriotism in the citizens of the Nation which seems to be in a major drought lately.

Convenor’s Message

Dear Friends,
We all have been constantly listening about the greatness of past and the wonders of ancient time. All these builds us to take pride of our rich heritage and culture. But, surveying the situations at the current time, we have to accept some bitter facts of our global society and its lifestyle.
The countries around the world are developing at an unbelievable rate and thereby some serious problems and challenges are also being raised. The problems among the different nations has one or another common factors going into it, they appear on a small scale but are not affordable to ignore anymore. In the era of development and modernisation, growing environmental issues shouldn't be allowed to cross it's extent. People are suffering by their own deeds. We have somehow lost our foresight and become blind under the shadow of greed for modernization.
Summing up all the means of fairness, Youth is the solution of all these growing problems. because that's how the pioneers of the future look like. But instead of thinking for these, our real treasures of society, the young mates of us are running out of the right direction and are surrounded by growing issues with them. They need guidance to resurrect their morale for becoming the driving force of the generation. It is inevitable for Youth to realize their inner strength. They have to be familiar with the CHANGE, which is lying under them silently.
Udghosh, a unique youth conference will nurture the values, will teach the young individuals about incredibility of the civilization, and motivate them to be that reform. We look forward to have a strong youth policy in each and every aspect of systems and societies. You can always synchronise 'VISION' with the fictional aspect, but it's not left just a fiction when you are getting to work for it and turn it into a sweet reality, Udghosh is exactly that platform.
All the best!

Rushiraj Mori

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1-al Ahmer Co.op.so Behind Tagor Hall Ellisbridge, 380006
29 June , Thursday 09:30

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