Turn Social Media Blue In Support of Law Enforcement

Turn Social Media Blue In Support of Law Enforcement ONLINE EVENT 2016. No need to leave the house.

Date: September 2016.

What to do: Click the going button, invite all your friends and share event on your page. All of September 2016 change your profile picture Blue. We will provide a picture to

save and change to your profile picture when we get closer to the date.

We will be doing contest and giveaways all the way through to 2016's online event.

Let's show the good and honest cops that there are people who still support them through all the chaos. Go Blue!
Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Valerie and I am the creator of The Thin Blue Line Supporters group and Turn Social Media Blue In Support of Law Enforcement. I am an ex dispatcher. I have family and friends in Law Enforcement (past and present). I created this group and event in hopes of bringing people together who support good and honest cops. I wanted to make a simple way to say thank you to Law Enforcement and show them that there are people out there that support them. I never imagined how big this would get in such a short amount of time. This just goes to show you the power of one on Social Media. Eventually we will take this to TV and Radio but for now we are content with our social media audience.
If anyone has any questions or concerns I will gladly answer them. Any and all question will go through me. Until then GO BLUE!

Our motto: "We back the Blue, because they back you."
#Blue4Law #BlueLivesMatter

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01 September , Thursday 10:01