#TSEP Play to Win!

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There are 7 essential rules every business owner must know and apply to their business framework in order to create a marketable, profitable and sustainable company.
To remain successful

you must know how to maintain work life balance, connect with people, control the narrative around your brand and HAVE FUN all while building, establishing and strengthening your legacy.
I want you to be capable of executing principles, rules and success methodologies that took me hard knocks to learn. I want you to set a goal and know how to employ it to the outcome you desire. I want you to have the life you deserve. I'm extending an invite to you...Will you accept my invitation?
Let’s play to win!

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Small Business Association (SBA), 330 N Brand Blvd , Ste 190, Glendale, CA, US
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25 January , Monday 20:00