Tribal Bellydance Workshops with Inko in Beijing【Intermediate】


★Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 August★
(Tribal Fusion bellydance)

Week-end schedule 日程安排:
13:00-16:00 TRAINING
18:00-21:00 TRAINING
9:00-12:00 TRAINING
14:00-17:00 TRAINING
19:00-21:00 SHOOTING




this week-end, the specific technique and the pure essence of tribal bellydance will be experienced and transmitted through the practice of a 2-minute choreography that will be captured on each Sunday evening, from 19:00 to 21:00.
The students will be asked to prepare a specific costume in advance, according to the mood of the dance. Some part of the costume will be designed and possibly sold by Inko. Each student will get a copy of this video, shot in professional conditions of stage, light and camera.

在中级水平的研习班INKO老师准备带各位学员学习排练一个2分钟的部落融合肚皮舞(tribal fusion bellydance)作品。老师将会把这种独特舞蹈的精髓和技巧传授给每一位学员。每位学员将根据舞蹈主题穿特定的肚皮舞服装,有些服装学员可以从Inko老师那里购买。在周日晚上19:00-21:00将会进行舞蹈视频拍摄,我们将会为学员提供专业的舞台,灯光,音响和摄影设备。

【VENUE 地点】
The event will be hosted in Wangjing area 望京附近
▲TRAINING 训练地点:Peter Farrell Academy (Donghuqu station area - line 14) (东湖渠地铁附近-14号线)
▲SHOOTING 拍摄地点:La Plantation Theatre (Maquanying station area - line 15)(马泉营地铁附近-15号线)

【CONTACT 联系方式】
▲Tel电话: 18618155635 (SMS only只收短信)
▲Wechat微信ID: inko-di-o

【Pricing 价格】
▲Original price 原价格: 3080RMB
▲Group price 团购价格 (3 people 3个人): 180RMB/person
▲Early bird price 早更鸟价格: 2240RMB/we (Before 05 August 8月05之前)

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, 100000–102629
19 August , Saturday 13:00

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