Travel to DAKAR Senegal

Introducing Senegal
Deservedly, Senegal is noted to be one of the
most beautiful and diverse countries in Africa
with a stable democracy, friendly people and
sunny climate.
Approximately 7 hours flight time from New
York City, the Senegambia opens wide the
gateway to Black Africa. From the beautiful

in their multicolored dresses and
warm smiles to the cheerful exuberance of
the typical African market life to the bustling
daily routine in the busy streets, the welcome
is always warm.
Dakar, the capital of Senegal is a modern city
with beautiful contemporary buildings and
historical colonial houses. This city is the big,
crowded, raw, chaotic, ambitious, in-your-face
and utterly exciting face of the Black Africa,
and if you're after a glimpse of African urban
future, this is as real as it gets. It is a vibrant
city with active open-air markets, cafe
terraces, a wide range of hotels, delicious
food and a great nightlife.
An unforgettable and informative trip to
Senegal awaits you, as you retrace the steps
of your ancestors from the West to the
Motherland. See history unfold before your
eyes when you visit Gorée Island, a memorial
to the slave trade. Walking through the dimly
lit dungeons (particularly after a visit to the
museum) is truly evocative of the horrors of
the slave trade and its stories make for a grim
reminder of Senegal's involvement in the
brutal trade.
Join us as we visit Senegal on an adventure
offering face to face contact with proud
people whose colorful traditions, rites and
rituals are so different from our own lifestyles.
Come and see it all for yourself. Discover the
magic of Senegal
April 03
rd, 2018 Depart Barbados for Dakar, Senegal
via Martinique/Paris with Liat and
April 04
, 2018 Arrive in Senegal. Transfer to Terrou
Bi hotel
April 05
th, 2018 Full day sightseeing tour of Dakar.
Visit to various markets – Sandaga,
Soumbedioune, Kermel, Sand Art.
April 06
th, 2018 Visit the Museum of African Art.
Lunch included
April 07
th, 2018 Half day tour to Gorée Island.
Guided tour of the historic slave
fort, museum and time to explore
island on your own.
April 08
th, 2018 Full day tour to Pink Lake and visit
to a Fulani village- meet the chief
and see how people have been
living for hundreds of years. Lunch
included on tour.
April 09th, 2018 Full day visit to Joal, the birth place
of Leopold Senghor, the first
President of Independent Senegal.
Walk across the bridge to Fadiouth,
an island made of clam shells.
Explore this quaint place. Lunch
Group farewell dinner with
entertainment in the evening
April 10th, 2018 Full Free Day and Depart Dakar for
Barbados in the night
April 11
th, 2018 Arriving in Barbados on April 11th
2018 in the evening.
APRIL 3-11, 2018
SAVE BDS $200 if you
make your deposit
before April 1, 2017
Senegal with AFRICANET  Tues, Apri

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