Transformational Retreat with Raquel Spencer

I'm so excited about the February Retreat with Raquel Spencer. Her work has helped me make profound shifts and allowed for personal development in ways that I didn't think were possible.

Personally, my biggest shift was around removing feelings of not being worthy. All my life that feeling led

to self-sabatog and all sorts of other 'crap.'

(This is actually some really deep personal work, so I won't post it to facebook, but I'm happy to talk 1:1 with you about it.)

I'm so grateful to be past it and truly enjoying the abundance in my life.

Take a look at the path offered in this retreat about embodying self-love. If you feel curious about it, that's a nudge from your subconscous wanting you to find out more. You are invited to call me or message me about this very special valentine's gift to yourself.

I'm inviting friends who are ready for this sort of upgrade in their lives to join me and Raquel for a retreat that will change the way you connect to your inner self.

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KM 45, Carretera Cancún
Playa del Carmen
08 February , Monday 11:00

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