Adopt a School in Oaxaca (Tierra Blanca Project)

June 2017 update...

Thank you, all of you, who have been supporting our grassroots project to help the people of a remote mountain village in Mexico build a school for their children. It feels like decades since we first met the beautiful children and their families, but it has only been five years,

and, wow, we have all worked together and accomplished soooo much! Gracias!

From now until February next year, 2018, we are focused on raising funds to upgrade the roof and walls of the existing “temporary structure”, and to deliver a shipment of teaching aids, 80 backpacks filled with student supplies, 40 "care packages" of food and health care items for the families.

When we return again a year later, in February 2019, we will convert this building into a kindergarten and secure room for storage of student and teacher supplies... and permanent home of the recently announced Mark Christie Music Library. AND we will be constructing the "permanent structure" on the site... a two room school house that will be an integral part of the future of the people in the area.

We truly hope you will join us for either or both trips! You are not expected to work (this year!). It's "just" a couple of daytrip visits, filled with hugs, laughter and tears. We have found it is incredibly important for the people of Tierra Blanca Coruzel to just "know" that someone, somewhere cares for their well being.

In February 2018, you can expect two hours each way of travel, and a four hour visit at the indigenous mountain village of Tierra Blanca Coruzel, above Candelaria Loxicha, near Huatulco, Oaxaca. You will travel with and learn from members of our project management team, meet "our kids", along with the village elders and representatives, and the parents of the children. On the way home, we stop on top of the next mountain over, coffee country, Pluma Hidalgo, and we will make sure you have some "kilos of the good stuff" to take home with you!

Plan on spending the rest of your time on your own and with us, in the nearby coastal paradise of Huatulco. Afternoon live music jams on some of the most remarkable beaches on the planet, snorkelling, jet skiing, fishing, waterfalls, turtles, dolphins, and, and... the endless possibilities will be presented to you over the coming months.

We are NOT booking your trips, paying for your flights or hotels. We will most certainly point you in the right directions for those things, and try and save you a peso or three, we have some terrific (and tested!) hoteliers, guides and contacts to share with you.

What we ARE doing is offering you an opportunity to warm both your soul and your bones with new and old friends. Take some time to tip the scales back a bit. Music, art, hugs, laughter, tears... and some ridiculously delicious local foods and beverages.

We are now working closer with the philanthropic groups in the immediate area, and Mexican federal, state, regional and municipal governments and agencies to "partner" this project into existence. And with your help, we will! The "build" is in February 2019, and you, your family, your coworkers are very very welcome to be a part of our effort!

Please share this facebook invitation to the site February 2018:

Information on the Mark Christie Music Library:

Please DO ask any questions openly here, or directly to us at

Our website is still “in progress”, but we are getting there! “tierrablancaproject dot com” is coming soon!

LIKE us on our facebook page, tell your friends:

Lots of love to all of you for being a part of this project.

Gracias… Michael (Spike) Richards and Team TBP

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Candelaria Loxicha
11 February , Sunday 12:00

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