This House Believes That Islam Has Failed Women | Monday Public Debate

**This event is STUDENT ONLY**

UCL Debating Society invites you all to our latest Free Public Debate on the motion:
‘This House Believes That Islam has Failed Women.’

Speaking in Proposition:

DR ARIF AHMED - is a senior professor of Philosophy at the University of Cambridge. He writes mainly on decision

theory, but also has an interest in religion and has debated the subject against William Lane Craig, Tariq Ramadan, Rowan Williams and others. He is an atheist and a libertarian, and his philosophical outlook is most closely allied with those of David Hume and Friedrich Hayek.

ALIYAH SALEEM – is a feminist ex-Muslim atheist who has campaigned on secular education, women's rights, and apostasy. Aliyah studied Islam formally in Britain and Pakistan for 6 six years prior to leaving Islam. She co-founded Faith to Faithless in 2015 which was created to raise awareness about the discrimination faced by apostates and to give a platform to people who have left their faith to speak about their experiences. In 2016 it was intergrated into Humanists UK as one their programmes. She has written articles for the Times and the online magazine Sedaa as well as been featured in documentaries with the BBC and the Economist. She is currently an English masters student and researcher at the House of Lords. She is the co-editor and co-author of 'Leaving Faith Behind: the journeys and perspectives of people who have chosen to leave Islam' which is due to be released in March 2018.

WILL BOSE – is an advisor and spokesperson for British human rights charity, Karma Nirvana. For 25 years the charity have supported victims of honour-based abuse and forced marriage in the UK. Karma Nirvana campaigned government for ten years to criminalise forced marriage and were finally successful in 2014. Will meets regularly with the Home Office and the Government’s Forced Marriage Unit. He is also a Co-Chair of the Girls Not Brides UK campaign to end child marriage. Girls Not Brides is a global partnership of more than 800 civil society organisations from 95 countries funded in part by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Speaking in Opposition:

ZARA FARIS – graduated in Arabic & Islamic Studies from SOAS University and studied Arabic in Egypt. She is now a researcher, writer, and international speaker for the Muslim Debate Initiative. Zara has debated feminism with former Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, journalist Julie Bindel, academic Ziba Mir-Hosseini, and Marina Mahathir (daughter of the former Malaysian Prime Minister) and extremism with Tom Holland and Peter Tatchell. She has had regular TV and radio media appearances, including on the Islam Channel and BBC Radio.

ABDULLAH AL ANDALUSIA – is an international speaker, thinker and intellectual activist for Islam and Muslim affairs. His work involves explaining and demonstrating, by rational argument, the intellectual proofs for the Islamic belief system, and promoting the Islamic way of life and Islamic solutions for contemporary problems. On a personal note, Abdullah takes Islamic opinions from the classical Sunni schools of thought (Ahl ul Sunnah wa Jama’ah). He has spoken in community centres, universities, colleges and numerous appearances on various programmes on TV channels including the BBC, ITV, BBC Arabic, BBC Radio 4, Al Jazeera, Press TV, Islam Channel and IQRA TV. He also has engaged in a number of debates, with Atheists, Secularists, Agnostics, Liberals and Christians on a variety of topics from theology to political philosophy and was a co-founder of the Muslim Debate Initiative.

AYESHA MALIK - is part of the Ahmadiyya group and works as the Contributing Editor of islamix, a project incubated at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University and aimed at bringing clarity to Islamic law in the news. She is also the Deputy Editor of the Law and Human Rights section of the Review of Religions Magazine, a journal focusing on comparative religion since 1902. She is a graduate of Harvard Law School.

Everyone’s attendance is welcome to the free wine, juice and other refreshments available each week, and afterwards we head to a local bar with a few of our invited speakers to continue the debate in a less formal setting!
The UCL Debating Society has always strongly embraced the idea of debating and tackling some of the most pressing issues of the day, and we believe that getting people together – from all backgrounds and walks of life – to share their opinions is healthy for the mind and peoples understanding of the world around them.

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