TheCOtoberfest: Power Wheels Build-to-Race

For the first time in the history of #theCOtoberfest, we will be hosting a Power Wheels Build-to-Race! What exactly does that mean???

All it takes is a little bit of imagination and elbow grease. The challenge of creating a souped up, modded out, as-crazy-awesome-as-you-want-it-to-be race vehicle

from a Power Wheels will be satisfying for everyone involved. Get together a team from your business or maybe make it a family activity, but be sure you don’t miss out!

Teams will be set-up in TheCOtoberfest West TN Maker Exhibits starting at 11am, so you'll get to see them making last minute mods on their vehicles. Want to be a part? Click here to get info and register your team:

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541 Wiley Parker Rd, 38305
21 October , Saturday 13:00

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