The Three Brained Robot / Jaguardini / Rikroshi / Xon Henry

The Three-Brained Robot (New Orleans) - Ritualistic Mating Dances, Improv Stand-Up, Performance Art, Broken Pop Music

Jaguardini (RVA) - Jaguardini treats music like a science project, combining the sounds of old video games and synthesizers

to create a live blend of energetic synthpop and nostalgic chip beats. Christo manipulates a gameboy, a vocoder, an array of synths, a megaphone, and an electric guitar with a CRT TV set on his head.

Rikroshi (HBurg) - Synth Dream Pop. Electric waves over an ocean of sirens songs.

Xon Henry (Hburg) - performance art exploring every nook and cranny of every nook and cranny. you know what I mean...


Checkered 540-908-2838
Yellow 540-434-2515
ABC 540-438-7777
The Little Grill Collective strives to be a safer space to enjoy live events. To facilitate this goal, no physical or verbal violence will be tolerated, and those exhibiting sexist, racist, homophobic, ableist, or otherwise hateful behavior will be asked to leave. Dancing/ jumping around/bizarre worship/different viewpoints are all tolerated and encouraged, so long as people's boundaries aren't being invaded unwantedly. ♥

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621 N Main St, 22802
19 May , Saturday 21:00

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