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"An album that keeps on giving and one that should find it's way into any self respecting glunk aficionado’s collection.
It's a no brainer people just simply buy it it's worth shelling out for."

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2013- Spread the Word. The More who Want it,
The Sooner We Come.
In Lust We Trust.

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lustkillers (lust-killers) n. , pl. 1. a band of rogue rock n roll mercenaries preaching the Blank Generation Post Punk Rock and Roll Gospel.

With the European release of LustKillers Black Sugar Sessions and the Black Halos demise LK frontman Adam Becvare attempted to solidify a LustKillers lineup to tour Internationally.
The result found members living scattered across the US which made it near impossible to do anything but tour and so The LustKillers did relentlessly.
Aptly titled, "That Which Does Not Kill Us..." this album was recorded immediately in the 4 days following tours end with Becvare's own brother on bass.
This collection of songs was worked up on the road, beaten, battered and refined nightly in true rock and roll fashion.
That Which Does Not Kill Us... ...Sometimes Makes Us Wish It Had.

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