The List Part 2:Wanted 2018

The Icon Jacen Prodigy, Philadelphia Black Pride, and Ballroom Throwbacks

The List Part 2 : WANTED

Date: April 28, 2018
Location: Philadelphia, Pa
Venue: TBA
Time: 4pm to 12 am
Cost: $25 b4 5pm $30 After
DJ: Vjuan Allure
Commentator: Ranika Jz Prodigy
After Party will be At The Phirm Party til 5am

all attendees of #THELIST recieve reduced admission and VIP Line Entry.
The List has been sponsored by KiKI Vodka

Vip Table Sections will sold for $200.00 and Regular Sections are $150.00 and are on sale now

Grand Prize OTA Face "Criminal CARTA"1000.00
Tonight you you have been charged with the following Possession of Deadly Carta,Unlawful use of your Teeth by Smile,Structure of Mass destruction,Possession of a Nasty Attitude,Eyes that gaze of death,Nose of Chiseled to Perfection
Tonight in all black show us why you are a smooth Criminal of CARTA 1 trophy and $1000.00

Grand Prize OTA Team Icon/Legendary Performance 1 trophy and $1000.00
Over the last year a lot of people have transitioned to legendary status. some not all with no real legendary moments. Well Tonight you have a chance to change all of that !! I am requesting the presence of The Icon/Legendary performance men and woman. Both old and new… Your team must consist of two “UNDISPUTED LEGENDS or ICONS” who walk “ANY TYPE OF PERFORMANCE” they can be “ANY GENDER COMBINATION” To many times categories are created that place a lot of restrictions on the Legends and Icons. Tonight those restrictions have been lifted. The Look is completely on you. Leave the retirement home vogue at home. Come before this jury and plead your case. YOUR STYLE !!! YOUR WAY!! UNAPOLOGETIC !!! But you MUST SLAYYYYYY in order to impress these juror’s for if not. The verdict will not be in your favor. 1 trophy and $1000.00

Drags Performance "Identity Theft" 1 trophy and $1000.00
Tonight you you are invited to perform at #THEDRAGHIPHOPHONORS but in order to steal the show you must steal the identity of one of your favorite female rappers and bring their identity to life. The Crowd will score your look. So be on POINT !!!. Can I see Nicki Vs. Remy Vs. Cardi Vs. Iggy Vs Kim Vs Foxxy Vs Missy Elliott vs EVE vs. Trina vs MC Lyte vs Queen Latifah are invited to perform.. Its INVITE ONLY !!! If your name didn’t make the list add $20.00 to the pot and come show us why you should have been included in tonight’s HIP HOP DRAG HONORS !!!Pot Starts at $1000.00 who knows where it may end up No first time in drags must be known for the category in order to compete. There will only be 1 Queen Crowned No taking this as a House !!!!

Niema Ebony
Chi-Chi Prodigy
Becky Revlon
Xaparis Ebony
Wilma Khan
Makayla Lanvin
Chloe 007
Cashe Khan
Karma Mizrahi
Yummy Ninja


Starr Revlon
Tiny Khan
Alanna Ebony

Legendary Team Realness “ The Mob King and his Wife” You both stand trial for a crime you didn’t commit. Everyday leaving the courtroom the paparazzi is in a frenzy. Always looking for what you are going to be wearing next. Day after day they have you and your wife posted on the front page of the tabloids talking about your Fashion,Style and Swag. Tonight is the night you find out your verdict. Will you and your wife make the front page DONE reading “All Charges Dropped” 1 trophy and one cash prize $500.00

Twisters vs Sisters vs Female Figures “Cunty Cowboy's & Cowgirl's” vs “Ravishing Robbers” The twisters have stole the sisters performance. The cowboys are here to take it back and right a terrible wrong. The female figures (FQ and Women) said you guys actually stole our performance .Sisters in a county cowboy effect and Female figures in cowgirls effect come and take back what was once yours. Twisters in a flamboyant bandit effect defend what you stole. ( NO DRAG PERFORMERS ALLOWED No Legends ) 1 Trophy and $250.00

Runway 2 trophies 1 for Cash
All American Runway “ The Taliban” You are an international wanted terrorist wanted for your deadly crimes. You have been sent to the middle east to kill the sheik, who has placed a bounty on your head. You plan to execute your deadly attack at the Safari fashion show. Tonight in a Taliban Effect walk the runway and slay your prey. 1 trophy

OTA European Runway “The Villain” Bring us the most notorious villain with your own twist. Think Catwoman, Cruella De'vil, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, The Evil Queen, The Terminator,Freddy Kruger, Joan Crawford just to name a few. 1 trophy
Last two standing will battle for $250.00

OTA Fake Fashion Villian- Tonight you met up with your boosters to pick up some exclusive custom pieces. Once you made your transaction. You realize every piece was fake. But being the fashionista you are, you can wear something fake and no one will ever know. Tonight in the fabbest of bootleg pieces come show us a look worthy of fashion police. EVERYTHING MUST BE FAKE !! For some of you that wouldn't be hard to do. 1 Trophy and $250.00

Realness Categories 9 Trophies 1 for cash
School Boy Realness “Cyber Stalker” you look like a geek but you have a sick mind of a criminal. Tonight bring us a collage of the person you have been stalking. 1 Trophy

Pretty Boy Realness “ Pretty Ricky” You have a killer smile, Dope fresh clothes and a cocky attitude. Little do people know is that your a stick up kid come rob the judges. 1 trophy

Thug Realness “25 to Life” You are facing life in prison. The only thing that stands in-between you and your freedom is the jury. You are known for your murderous stare bring it to the runway and prepare for your verdict. 1 Trophy

Executive Realness “Johnny Cochran” You are a high profile attorney that defends the guilty until proven innocent. Come impress the courtroom 1 Trophy

Transman Realness & Butch Realness- Bloods Vs Crips Tonight you are wanted for your gang activity. Come rep your set in your colors and gang signs. Will this Rivalry ever end. Transmen bring it like the bloods, Butches bring it like the crips. 2 trophies

Female Figure Realness- "Gangsta Bitch" Tonight we want you to bring it like a gangsta bitch think Keisha from New Jack City, Cleo from Set it Off, Chiquita from Belly, Ronnie from the Players club. 3 trophies (Big Girl vs Drags vs FQ)

All the winners from realness will battle for a cash prize of $250.00

Bq Sex Siren SR vs JR “Gigolo” You are paid for your looks and sex appeal to escort men and women around to various high profile functions. For your tens be dressed for the gala for the battle peel down in your raunchiest entire. 2 trophies

Cat Boy Sex Siren “Boy Toy” You are a high paid twink. Come baring your sexiest asset 1 Trophy

Big Boys Sex Siren- Tonight your auditioning for a stand in role as Hugh Hefner. Bring it in a sexy robe and a pair of boxers.

Sex Siren Overall winners will battle for $250.00

FQ Perfect Tens “The Black Widow” You marry men for their money and kill them when the time is right. You are the complete package. FACE, BODY,REALNESS plus a SEXY KILLER INSTINCT. In a KILLER DRESS come and how us why you are Mrs. White. This category is INVITE ONLY 1 trophy and $500.00 cash. But if you didn’t make the list. come show us why you should have with your $20.00 to add to the pot.
Lola Mizrahi
Trace Mizrahi
Tempress 007
Dee Dee Lavin
Natalie Prodigy
Akyriee Mizrahi
Asia Balenciaga
Vanessa Frost Ebony
Kiana Milan
Courtney Balenciaga
Tamiyah Mugler
Tiffany Chanel
Sexy Lexy Balenciaga
Melissa Ex Lavin Escada
Shdyna Lavin
Felicity Balmain
Angel Revlon
Sabrina Icon
Ayanna Milan
Shannon Balenciaga
Shayla Stacks Khan
Paris Revlon
Lisa Mugler

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28 April , Saturday 16:00

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