The History Behind the History of the Church

For those of us who have committed to read the entire History of the Church in 2016 as well as for those who are simply interested in learning more about church history and this amazing seven volume set, we have invited Richard Turley to give us a history about how these volumes came into being.


Turley's official title is "Assistant Church Historian," which is a bit of a humorous understatement. He is also in charge of the archives and has been personally responsible for all of Joseph Smith's personal papers. A friend of mine who works for the Church History Library told me that "whenever the brethren have a question about anything to do with the church they call Rick Turley." Today in Sunday School he was invited to speak for a few minutes on the history of Joseph Smith's vision of Moroni and it was the most fascinating 10 minutes of Sunday School in my entire life. I am very excited to have Brother Turley come speak to us, kicking off this ambitious new year's goal!

For the mid-singles, this event is a function of the "History of the Church Book Club" which you are very welcome to join, but do realize that there are married people in the group as well as singles, so look before you flirt!

Because there has been a lot more interest than I originally anticipated, we have moved this gathering from my apartment to the chapel behind the conference center. We'll have pot luck refreshments.

SUPER excited to see you there! :)

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142 West 200 North Salt Lake City, Utah
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14 January , Thursday 19:00