The Great USA Powerlifting WI Bake Off - inaugural

Strong powerlifter/referee homebakers take part in a 'bake off', which will test every aspect of their baking skills as they battle it out to be crowned the USA Powerlifting WI Bake Off's Best Baker. Do you have what it takes to be the best?!

Bakers can enter all 7 categories (listed below). Items will

be sold individually (or in small multiples) for sale. You can deliver your item as a whole or pre-packaged for sale in any portion suitable for sale. Note: one item will be tested/judged.

Items can be dropped off at Early Equipment Check the night before on 1/19/18 or dropped off prior to 8:30am on the day of the competition on 1/20/18.

1. Bars - includes brownies, blondies, lemon bars, etc.
2. Cookies - includes all baked types.
3. Balls - Do you have the best balls? includes protein balls, popcorn balls, etc.
4. Cupcakes
5. Pies - includes mini pies
6. Quick bread - includes banana and zucchini breads
7. Miscellaneous - Do you have an item that doesn't fit the other 6 categories? This category includes items such as candies, fudge, caramels, donuts, lefse, etc.

Minimum requirements:
1. Bars - provide full pan
2. Cookies - provide at least 1 dozen
3. Balls - provide at least 1 dozen
4. Cupcakes - provide 6 or more
5. Pies - provide 1 whole 9" or larger pie, mini pies also acceptable
6. Quick bread & Muffins - provide 1 whole 8" or larger loaf or provide 6 or more muffins
7. Miscellaneous - provide at least 1 dozen

1. No items requiring refrigeration, including, but not limited to items with fresh fruit or whipped topping, cream cheese, etc.
2. Must be present at the meet to win.
3. No storebought items or mixes.
4. A small portion of the item will be tested/judged - remainder sold for donation.
5. Misc. category is for items that do not fit the other 6 categories ONLY.
6. All items must be delivered in a disposable container. We are not responsible for return of pie plates, baking dishes, etc.

*Spectator fee will be waived for those entering/donating a baked item.
**Lifters will receive $1 credit off any item of their choosing (max: 1)

More information to follow! Got questions? Contact Meghann Rosenwald or Crystale Lind via the Facebook event.

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2119 Rapids Dr, 53404
20 January , Saturday 07:00

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