The Gathering - Gold Coast

Hey Everyone,

UNFORTUNATLEY the JAN 16th event has been cancelled and new one is Feb 25th here:)

Jeffrey for the first time ever in his speaking career needs to cancel the Jan 16th event as he is presently unwell. We are all collectively sending our love and prayers. Come along to the feb one.


you have already registered for the event we can move your registration to the 25th of Feb or the 22nd of March if you would like. We will email you and you can respond with your choice :)

Thank you everyone for your understanding. And collectively lets all send Jeffrey some much needed love and prayers.

Thank you for understanding,

Rossco Paddison

For future events:

After working with millions of people all over the world, putting on transformational events, and business events, I’m noticing that there’s a major shift happening. An acceleration of consciousness... an acceleration of awakening for the human family. And inside of that acceleration, I’m called to do this event. The Gathering. This is a place of healing, transformation, and remembrance.

This event will contain things beyond the comprehension of language. The intention of the event, is to hold a space for transformation to occur for people to manifest freely, find clarity, and to heal themselves of the trauma, the challenges and the blockages between them and the full experience of what it is to be human.

*Move beyond the confines of language to create deep change within.
*Feel space to heal any traumas from the experience of being human.
*Surround yourself in the awe of the gift that it is to be human.
*Create congruency between the multiple versions of who you are.
*Allow the space that is being held for you to take care of the process.
*Have a deeper connection with yourself and manifest a new reality.

This event is not for everyone. Not everyone will understand what this event is. It will not make sense to those only focused on logic. However, many will walk away from this event in awe of the immense gift that it is to be human and the immense gift it is to be part of this amazing time and space right now that we are part of as a human family.

I will not convince you to come. I will just hold the intention for transformation for you. I am not here as a healer, to heal you. Just to hold the space, for the transformation that is already destined in your soul and your journey. To be a witness of that immense power that we have as human beings. To witness the grand unfoldment of what is being born for the human family today that lies beyond words, beyond this 3D reality, as do we. To honour our existence in multiple dimensions.

To enjoy this event, and to welcome in the full depth of its offerings, you must be okay with a meditation & silence, okay with a healing, and okay with finding the truth within yourself. You must be okay with grand scale conversations about the universe, where it’s going, the expansion of us and our potential as human beings.

There will be time for sharing, and questions. Bring yourself, bring your intention, and bring the magical gift of life so that we can support ourselves and others in having the profound experience of being human. I look forward to seeing you, I look forward to working with you, I look forward to connecting with you.

- Jeffrey


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50A Wharf Street, 2485
Tweed Heads
25 February , Thursday 18:00

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