The Artwork of Kathleen Sherin

The Artwork of Kathleen Sherin at Canvas Salon & Gallery
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Artist Statement
Through a personal system of symbolic imagery, I converse with myself, constantly searching to express a balance between the connecting and contrasting realities of my physical, emotional and

reasoning being.

A Victorian, metal, string-ball holder hung in my grandparent’s home, then my parent’s kitchen encasing a ball of sturdy twine. I always loved this item and eventually it became mine. For years I kept it but never opened it.

A year ago I released the string ball from its metal encasement to find an amazing discovery It had partially unwound and though stiffened by time, this string held a energetic resilience uncannily embodying one of my tangled line images. I was so struck by this resonance. It was a chicken and egg moment. Which came first? How had this this object, so long in my life had infused its essence into my subconscious – it was a strange moment of both forward and backward resonance. The prints in this series speak to that resonance.

I have long been attracted to knots and tangles – I am attracted to their tactile quality and subsequent association with physicality and also to their a perfect expression of so many things that resonate with me from spontaneous gestures, action, energy, music, and they exude complexity and all that that denotes – random wandering, getting lost, entanglements. In this series tangles and their resonant shadow forms coexist in space.

My prints are unique, hand-pulled pieces that blend traditions from painting, printmaking and collage. They contain a combination of direct non-chemically-mediated printmaking methods that include my personal spin on collagraphic, carborundum printing and monoprint techniques.

Kathleen's artwork will be on display and available for purchase October through the end of December 2018.

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9520 Main St, 14031
01 October , Monday 15:00

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