The Artist and the Alchemst :: May 15th, 2016 :: with Gerri Ravyn Stanfield and Samantha Ravenna Sóley Shay

Change is the only constant. With every breath, we are asked to integrate the new and release the outdated. We are living in times of rapid and unrelenting changes. We struggle to shift the stories that hold us back from creating the life-based cultures we want. The first creative acts, performances,

and artistic practice itself as we understand in human history, were rituals, a summoning of power, a rite, a communion with the earth, an unprecedented gathering of spirits, and an act of ecstatic devotion to that which cannot be named or spoken. The beginning of art as we know it, was pure alchemy. In this workshop we will embrace the intrinsic relationship between the creative alchemical process and earth based ritual.

Long ago, a basic form of survival was intimately understanding the art of transformation. Alchemy is the transition of material from one state of being to another. In the alchemical process, we begin with painful or problematic material that might be considered rubbish. This Prima Materia is taken through a series of processes in which we completely transform it to reveal the valuable gold within.

What do you want to change more than anything? What pattern are you ready to transform? How is this ancient art relevant to our contemporary lives? How can we transform patterns that are no longer helpful and find the gold hidden in our difficulties?

In this didactic and experiential workshop we will use our minds, hearts, voices and bodies to remember why we are here and embrace the changes for which our lives and the planet have been asking. We will explore ancient alchemical scripts and delve into our own inner alchemy—revealing the golden truth of our connection to earth. Please be familiar with guided meditation and/or open minded about working in a container of sacred space with voice, movement and energy work. This workshop is open to people of all orientations, cultural and spiritual backgrounds.

About the teachers:

Gerri Ravyn Stanfield is a healer of body and spirit, an inventive author and international educator dedicated to liberating the sacred leadership abilities and medicine within each of us. Ravyn practices acupuncture and herbs in Portland, Oregon with a focus on helping people survive cancer, chronic pain and traumatic experiences. She uses her background in the realms of social justice, Taoist, Chinese and other traditional medicines, Jungian psychology, environmental activism, earth based spirituality and creative writing to coax more of the extraordinary into the world through the cracks in Western civilization. Her first book, Revolution of the Spirit: Finding Your Medicine will be launched in June 2016.
Ravyn is an aspiring cultural alchemist, seeking to transform the heartbreak of living in our industrialized modern world, revealing the gold in all that may seem worthless. She creates ceremony and ritual art, weaving poetry, music and performance into contemporary offerings of the human imagination. Many of her original songs and chants show up in rituals and songbooks worldwide. Ravyn facilitates retreats, workshops and intensives all over the globe with her own unique curriculum that blends alchemy, healing techniques, mythology, theatre arts, musical improvisation, conflict resolution and leadership skills. She has developed trainings for universities, non-profits and the Oregon prison system. She has designed apprenticeship programs for emerging leaders and healers in various communities throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia and offers year long Sacred Leadership trainings.
Learn more about Ravyn by visiting her website:

Samantha Ravenna Sóley Shay is an artist, creative alchemist, witch, priestess, and performer. She believes that art and ritual is the bridge through which the stars fall to the earth and reform destiny. She works to be a sovereign conduit through which our ancestors, descendants, and beloved allies may come and dance with us to reshape and reclaim all of our divine wild parts for ourselves and Mother Earth. She began her journey as a performer, and it was a myriad of experiences ranging from classical study at the Moscow Art Theatre in Russia, to discovering her artistic spiritual anarchist in Marina Abramović performances, that lead her to wonder about the roots of performance, longing to understand the intrinsic relationship she saw between art and healing. This journey led her to study sorcery, herbalism, alchemy, sacred leadership, and the Reclaiming Tradition of magic, where she found a home community, where she priestesses and teaches.

She is also a graduate of the California Institute of the Arts, holding a BFA in Acting, and is founder of award winning international artist collective Source Material, with which she will premier three original works in 2016, in three different countries. As proudly as she claims Artist, she claims Witch as a way to stand with the lineage of mothers, healers, and changers whom were marginalized for doing the powerful healing work this world so desperately needs and craves.

The cost of the workshop is sliding scale, $100-$200.
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15 May , Sunday 10:00