The ABCs of DNA: First Steps in Using Your DNA Test Results

The ABCs of DNA: First Steps in Understanding and Using Your DNA Test Result
by Julie Roberts Szczepankiewicz

DNA testing has become increasingly popular among genealogists, yet many people don’t really understand what to do with their test results or how to use them to verify and extend their family

trees. After a brief overview of the different kinds of DNA tests available (autosomal, mitochondrial, y-DNA) and their applications in research, Julie will focus on autosomal DNA testing. She'll explain what to do with your results after they arrive, suggest resources for evaluating and analyzing your DNA matches, discuss third-party sites for uploading your raw DNA data, and offer some do’s and don’t’s for collaborating with DNA cousins.

About the Speaker
Julie Roberts Szczepankiewicz is a professional genealogist, writer, and speaker with 20 years of experience in researching her family's origins in Poland, Germany, the U.S. and Canada. She volunteers as an administrator and regular contributor to the Facebook groups, "Polish Genealogy," and "Genealogy Translations." She is the author of several articles which have been published in the PGSA journal Rodziny, and she is also the author of a genealogy blog, "From Shepherds and Shoemakers." Ms. Szczepankiewicz currently resides in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, with her husband and children.

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25 October , Thursday 18:30

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