The 6th annual Fatherless Day rally is June 15th and 16th

Call to Action:

Mark your calendars!!

Request a day of leave!!

Coordinate with your local Chapter!!

No one is active at your local Chapter Page?
Then become the local activist your community
needs for others to Rally around!

Change is not going to happen until enough people willing to do something

get involved.

I hear things all the time like...

"you aren't making any difference."

"What have you accomplished?"

"Things will never change!"

"You're just wasting your time, whining on a Facebook page"

"You aren't doing anything"

Etc etc etc

I realize these comments are born from frustration.

But we are doing something. Literally thousands of us are.

From giving a fellow father basic emotional support and an ear to listen to helping a another father literally, not end his life today, to introducing parental equality bills in state legislature to fighting in court anti-shared parenting organizations, to giving testimony in state senate hearings, to providing resources and education to those in need, to organizing rallies at state and even the national capitol, to to simply spreading awareness of the issue on Facebook.


"We" are doing something. "We" are making a difference.

But it's important to understand exactly who "we" are.

"We" is a collective.
"We" is a movement
We" is not me.
"We" is not this page.
"We" is anyone and everyone who believes in a child's right to be in both their parents lives EQUALLY.

If you believe that.

Then "YOU" are a big part of "WE".

So the question becomes, not....

what "we" are doing.

The question is...

What are YOU doing?

Because there is no "we" without you.

So don't ask...

What can the cause do for me.

Instead, ask yourself.

What am I doing to help the cause? What am I doing to help push for Equal and Shared Parenting as they standard ruling in a custody dispute?

Look in the mirror.

Because it is the only place you'll truly find the answers

Are you doing all you can to help change these laws so your children never have to know the pain you have endured?

Because I will do anything I can to make sure my children die ignorant to the pain these unjust separations can cause.

I hope to see you at this years Fatherless Day Rallies!!


Thomas Fidler

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15 June , Friday 08:00