The 40k GT Final

Welcome to the main Info Thread of the 40KGT 2016 Final.

We are pleased to confirm that the 2016 40K GT Final will be held on the 19th/20th March 2016 in Woking.

Here is the official list of all of the players who through Gaming ability, Painting and Modelling skill or just plain Niceness have secured

a place at the 2016 40K GT Final:

1. Adam Shepherd-Jones
2. Alex West
3. Anthony Chew
4. Ben Johnson
5. Ben Wolstenholme
6. Byron Sidhu
7. Callum Paul
8. Chris Dickinson
9. Chris Gent
10. Christopher Clapton
11. Christopher Scothorne
12. Colm McCarthy
13. Damen Sellors
14. Dan Bates
15. Daniel Smith
16. David Irving
17. Doug Croucher
18. Duncan Blagrove
19. Frank Marsh
20. Gary Marsh
21. Gaz Jones
22. Henry Chown
23. Iain Miller
24. Jack Masters
25. Jake La-Vey
26. James Bessey
27. James French
28. James Mcdonagh
29. James McNaughton
30. James Miller
31. James Taylor
32. Jamie Dempster
33. Jay Seebarun
34. Joe Freeman
35. Karl Bickley
36. Kevin Cochrane
37. Laurence Elliott
38. Lee Durkin
39. Leo Kyp
40. Liam O'Shea
41. Lucas Deeprose
42. Malcolm Price
43. Mani Cheema
44. Marcus Wooldridge
45. Mark Crombleholme
46. Mark Randall
47. Mathew Cooper
48. Matt Randall
49. Matthew Bennett
50. Matthew Edmonds
51. Max F Barton
52. Michael Bolton
53. Michael Stewart
54. Myles Davies
55. Neil Gibbons
56. Neil Powell
57. Nick Counsell
58. Nik Hutty
59. Olli Ford
60. Paul Weston
61. Paulie Wallis
62. Pete Cooke
63. Peter Bunce
64. Peter Lennon
65. Richard Simms
66. Rob Waller
67. Robert Mcdougall
68. Sam Madadi
69. Sean Morris
70. Si Thorne
71. Sid Sidhu
72. Simon Wilson Shepherd
73. Steve Pearce
74. Stuart Hedderly
75. Stuart Robertson
76. Thomas Carr
77. Thomas Hagl
78. Tom Jacklin
79. Wlodek Chimiak
80. Zachary Becker

If anyone is missing from this list who thinks they should have a place please let us know.

In addition there will be a small number of Wild Card issued. Those players that qualify for a Wild Card place will be notified separately.

There will be an updated rulespack released within the next two weeks for the Final. This will be similar to the Rules for the Heats but we are definitely looking at tweaking the Scoring system and missions.

Tickets for the final will cost £27.00 (same as Heats 2-4) and can be purchased immediately by sending payment via PayPal to

The Woking venue has a maximum capacity for 60 players and tickets will be allocated on a first come basis. As there is a limited pool of people to sell tickets onto if you cannot attend the Final after purchasing a ticket a full refund will be issued so long as it is requested before Midnight on the 11th March 2016.

Over the next few weeks we will be testing out a few alternative scoring systems, to better reflect how close some of the games can be. If you have any suggestions, comments or critisms please feel free to send us a message, as it would be great to get your input.

We will up date this section periodically over the next few weeks, with any new or changes we decide to make.

Thank you everyone who attended the Heats, congratulations to those of you that qualified, and we hope to see as many of you as possible at the finals!

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Mount Hermon Road, Gu22 7ta
19 March , Saturday 09:00

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