Interested in pitching a show for TG to send up to the EDINBURGH FRINGE 2016, or an INDEPENDENT show? Then please submit your written pitches by Wednesday the 27th of January 2016 by Midnight, then come along to our special pitching event on Saturday the 30th of January, where all of the pitches that

have been submitted will be presented! Remember-EVERYONE in the society can attend this event!

Here's a quick description of what the shows entail:


Every year, TG takes at least one production up to the EDINBURGH FRINGE in August. The Fringe is famously the biggest arts festival in the world, and is filled to the brim with thousands of plays, comedy acts, stand up gigs, galleries, performances and more, all of which converge on the Scottish capital for one month every year! If you have never gone, it cannot be recommended highly enough-it truly has to be seen to be believed and MUST be experienced! Therefore, every year TG make its own little contribution by taking up an ‘independent’ style show to the festival, following rehearsals in June and July, and previews to a Southampton audience in July. Therefore, the show tends to be of a smaller cast (although not necessarily) and reasonably low-tech-but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be interesting! Indeed, we often use the slot to create interesting, innovative and creative theatre, of comedy or drama, which we can use as a showcase for the stuff we do in Southampton! Previous Edinburgh shows have included STRAWBERRIES IN JANUARY, TAPE and THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST!


As ever, we are also looking for INDEPENDENT shows! These are shows that almost have no rules-you can put them on anywhere on or off campus, using whatever size cast you want! The slot tends to be quite low-tech, if at all-but again, this doesn’t mean you can’t be creative! In fact, the independent slots have often been used to create some of the most exciting productions we’ve had, and tend to be highly original, creative and innovative, regardless of genre! You can pitch them for whatever time you wish during the semester too! Previous independent shows have included PARTY, TENDER NAPALM and BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE!

Pitching forms and resources can be found here:

Remember-pitching a show for Edinburgh is subtly different from pitching a show at any other time, so please remember that you will have to have an understanding on how your show will work in Edinburgh, along with the standard directorial and production concerns. If you are pitching for Edinburgh, it is ESSENTIAL that you contact our tours officer Ruthie Pinion if you need any help at all, and remember you can also contact any member of committee if you need any additional help.

Good Luck!!

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30 January , Saturday 16:00