Tasseography Workshop (tea leaf)

Date not set group decision, live stream...You are invited to have a cup of tea and reading lesson with me. Those who know me know I’m not like those romanticised ‘gypsy’ notions you see on the internet. My vardo is a mess and so am I. If you had a cup of tea at my place heated on my fire as pictured

above guaranteed you would get dog and cat hairs in it! So make your own and have one with me combined with an online reading and lesson on how you can read for yourself whenever you want. You wouldn’t fit in my place anyway. Most of those who I expect will attend have visited my vardo over the years or attended my workshops. I lament I do not have venues to do them in person. This is an experimental workshop to see if what I do in real life may transfer to being done online. Please do not have high expectations of me.

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My place online
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18 February , Sunday 15:30