Tar Heel Serama Classic

The Cape Fear Poultry Association has welcomed us all, with wide open arms, to attend their 2nd Annual Spring Poultry Show.

We will be holding our First Table top show in conjunction with there all ready established Poultry show in our very own area of their venue.

Entry rules:

Exhibitors may enter

into either one of the two shows or both.
Exhibitors are allowed to enter into both shows but must fill out an entry form for both shows, one for the the birds entered into the COOPED show of the CFPA and a form for the TABLE TOP.

You may only enter a single bird into the cooped show or the table top show, not both.
EX: If entering one or five birds into the Cooped CFPA show then those birds are not allowed to enter into the table top show, nor is any birds entered into the table top wont be allowed to enter into the cooped show. This is stated by both groups so that there will be no crossing over into the other shows judging bounderies and interrupting either clubs judging.
If interested in the coop show, then it is recommended by the CFPA to enter only the White Smooth Serama into their cooped show, for the White is the only one who will advance the exhibitor to the next teir, for they will only be judged by APA and ABA judges. You are welcomed to enter as many colors as you would like into their show.

All birds entering the venue will be NPIP and AI tested at the door before they enter the facility. If all ready in the State Program then your entry process into the building will go a little faster than if not in the program.
The Doors will open the night before for early entry if interested or you may do so the day of the show. All birds entered into either show will have the deadline of 9am on the 12th. All birds not entered before that time will not gain entry to either show.

ENTRY FEES for either show is $5.00 per bird

Will be updating this event several times here in the next few days for futher rules and Tar Heel entry form.

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520 County Home Rd, 27577
12 March , Saturday 09:00

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