Taoist Organ- & Genital- Massage // Udo Treide & Christine Borch

Taoist Organ- & Genital Massage / Udo Treide & Christine Borch

„Chi Nei Tsang“ (Organ-massage) and „Karsai Nei Tsang (Genital Massage) are ancient Chinese, Taoist traditions that stimulate Yin-Yang-harmony through working with the life-force „Qi“.

Chi Nei Tsang works directly on the organs of the

belly and focuses on transforming negative emotions (blockage) into positive emotions (flow). This is an ancient psychosomatic approach to health where optimal organ health and function is obtained through the transformation process of the massage.

Karsai Nei Tsang strengthens the blood-flow in the pelvis. It releases blockages in the sexual organs and the natural flow is re-established. Your sexual organs can remain healthy and well functioning.

These massages are not for treatment or healing but rather function as a method of health-prevention and health-care. Please be advised that if you have any known organ illnesses or known conditions, this workshop is not for you. However if you wish to release tension and let go of stress, learn how to circulate your energy in the body, strengthen your mind-power through sexual energy, multiply and store this sexual energy and how you can harmonize your emotions, it is perfect for you!

The massage techniques are easy to learn. No previous knowledge is required but you should be prepared to have your genitals massaged by other participants and to massage their sexual organs. Honest and open communication about your own boundaries and condition is expected. The workshop is open for all ages, genders and sexual orientation with an open mind and sexpositive attitude. It is useful for health- and body-workers and lovers. Come alone or with a partner.

Besides massages, you learn Qi Gong to strengthen the energy in your hands and Taoist Inner Alchemy (inner processes of transformation) as well as various breathing exercises, meditation, embodiment practices and deep listening techniques to support you in connecting authentically to your partner as well as allowing yourself to be guided through the wisdom of your body and spirit.

Welcome to a journey of Inner Alchemy, personal and spiritual growth through ancient secrets of Sexual Kung Fu.

All questions are welcome! And we encourage you to speak your truth.
Please dont hesitate to connect with us if anything comes up at info@droemmesalen.dk

For more info on Udo and Christine´s individual work please visit:

Welcome to a journey of Inner Alchemy, personal and spiritual growth through ancient secrets of Sexual Kung Fu.

// DEPOSIT: 1.000 DKK -
The rest to be payed in cash/mobilpay/creditcard on arrival.

Food & Housing:
All participants will be accommodated directly at the farm in shared rooms and dormitory. Lodging and delicious vegetarian food is included in the workshop price.

Additional practical info:
For the workshop each participant should bring min. three towels, massage oil, something to take notes, a blanket, nice soft clothes for moving and a lunghi if you have one.
In addition please bring sheets for the bed and towel.
The workshop will be taught in English.

Where: Drømmesalen / Hjelmvej 20 / 4780 Stege, Møn / Denmark

Transport to and from the farm:

The closest airport is Copenhagen Airport (https://www.cph.dk/en/)

With public transport it takes around 2 hours to get to the farhttps://www.facebook.com/events/475504065908175/#m from Copenhagen. First with a train from Copenhagen Central Station to Vordingborg and then a bus from Vordingborg to Stege. (Bus nr 660R, stop just outside train station). From Stege you take a taxi. If you need a lift you need to organise with us in advance.
We invite you to communicate on facebook regarding carpool.

Online timetable and journey planner in Denmark:

If you feel the desire to stay after the workshop has finished, please know that you are welcome to do so.

We kindly ask for support of 150,- DKK pr. day for bed and 80,- DKK pr. day for two organic wholesome meals.

Udo is a 76 years old Taoist, his taoist name is Li Wuji. He is Founder of Tao Yoga Berlin, Tao School. He is a teacher of Tao Yoga for 20 years, assistant (“Senior Instructor”) to Master Mantak Chia for many years in his Health-Centre “Tao Garden” in Chiang Mai (Thailand). He received his taoist name by Abbot Li Hechun in Chengdu, China in 2006. He lives and teaches in Berlin where he offers Tao teacher training with special focus on: Tao of love and sex, Men training “Healing Love”, Massages (Chi Nei Tsang, Karsai Nei Tsang) & Genital weight lifting Qigong. His main focus is "Tao of Immortality", traditional meditative transformation processes. From his studio in Berlin he teaches weekend workshops and weekly classes in Tao Yoga (from Basic to Fusion) & Qigong and Taiji (different styles). Besides of this he offers Tao- and Healing-Love-Coaching for singles and couples.

Christine is a 30 years old choreographer, dancer, vocalist, writer, spiritual midwife and light warrior living as a contemporary nomad. The core of her work is based on experimenting with physical, personal and spiritual processes of transformation within choreographic structures. She presents her performances, texts and workshops throughout Europe grounded in her own lived female experience and drawing from her studies in Somatic Movement, Contemporary dance, Butoh Bodyweather, Contact Improvisation, BDSM, Continuum, Tao yoga, Breath work, Visual art & various massage techniques. Since two years she has been studying plant shamanism with indigenous tribes from the Amazon forest in Brazil.

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Drømmesalen, Hjelmvej 20, 4780 Stege, Møn, Denmark
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19 February , Friday 17:00