Talk, Trust, and Feel: a 10 week group offering tools for spiritual growth

Growing up in an unsupportive or traumatic environment can leave us adhering to rules that may or may not be spoken or conscious.

"Don't Talk. Don't Trust. Don't Feel."

When we believe the voice that tells us it's not safe to let others see who we are deep inside, we remain isolated and imprisioned

in our pain. The truth is, however, that today we have a choice.

You are invited to join Julia Jensen and Beth Hedquist for this ten week adventure into breaking those rules, and breaking free from the shackles that prevent peace, serenity, and joy. We'll explore Pathwork teachings complemented by other spiritual disciplines, and use prayer, meditation, movement, and other experiential modalities to open up a space to reveal and release whatever we have been hiding.

Resolve to let 2016 be the year you TALK. TRUST. FEEL.

To register contact Julia at:

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09 February , Tuesday 19:00

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