SUPER Sonic Art Show - SSAS with Class(es) - Ssteamm!

Open Call for Artists, Musicians, Vendors, Sponsors, Donors and Connoisseurs of all things related to S.S.T.E.A.M.M. !!!!!!!

S.S.T.E.A.M.M. !!!!!!! =






Math and



NOTE: This is

an 8 week show, but FB only allows a 2 week posting...

Supportive programming content will run periodically throughout the show.

A well curated show is a finely tuned cohesive selection of work to support the premise of the curator. The act of selecting the work reveals the curator's creativity and intellectual process. A well curated exhibition is a masterpiece.

WIth enough fun and fundraising, we will be bringing in researchers and educators in sound who are currently dancing on the cutting edge of sonic innovations: in technology, medical and water research, and in education.

It appears that at the point when we booked this art show, we had already missed the deadlines on grant proposals for 2018. We are hoping corporate and individual sponsors will help us to make this happen.

We know there is no shortage of highly creative people in the mid West. We have the venue . Let's build this together!

The mix of this SUPER Sonic Art Show will be created by those who participate. Let's see what we can envision and create together!

See the Music! Hear the Light! Be SSTEAMM Empowered!

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3402 Fairfield Ave, 46807
Fort Wayne
04 August , Saturday 16:00

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