Style Italiano & MDP (Direct Composite Veneering & Mobile Dental Photography)

Prof. Louis S. Hardan DDS, CEA, DEA, PhD
MDP "Mobile dental Photography" for everyday and everyone & Style Italiano Concept "How to achieve direct restoration with style"

Two amazing days course with one extra opening day lecture!
Get this and even More with most world wide well known "worldwide speaker

& Inventor of MDP"


-Direct composite restorations: Simplified techniques and materials to overcome the daily challenge.

Ever since their introduction in the 1970s, light‐activated resin composites have shown many shortcomings such as poor wear resistance, poor dentin marginal adaptation, problems of shade matching in esthetic cases and mainly the shrinkage during the polymerization.

This lecture will develop how to choose and use our adhesives, what is new in restorative materials, what are the most innovative technologies, what are the low shrinkage and low stress composites, the polymerization techniques and how to perform composite esthetic restorations from simple to complex cases using simplified and repeatable techniques and this to achieve esthtetic success.

-Photography is powerful in dentistry, its numerous applications such as diagnosis and treatment planning, legal documentation, publishing and lecturing has made digital photography a standard of care in modern dental practices.
Nowadays the DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras are widely used in dentistry to take high definition macro images.
Recently, smartphones have come a long way in digital photography due to recent technology development.
The purpose of this lecture is to demonstrate the capacity of these devices to take high quality dental pictures. Those pictures are useful in different types of documentation and communication, in a feasible teachable and repeatable way, by everyone and for everyday practice.

-Workshop direct composite restorations: How to achieve esthetic restorations with “STYLE”.

Operative dentistry with composites is becoming more and more interesting and a thrilling subject.

In this workshop the participants will be able to understand:
1- how to choose our composites
2- how to do the shade matching
3- how to do the layering technique in anteriors
4- how to restore posteriors in a predictable way using low stress composites

and this in a very simple way using the Styleitaliano philosophy which is a simplified method that gives dentists a recipe to obtain high quality dentistry without confusion in a feasible and reproducible way.

Cost: $500

For registration please call
Dr.Ahmed Irfan Fattah
07504734349 Erbil.
Dr.Mohammed Zandi
07504498244 Erbil.
Dr.Walaa Almola
07507473377 Erbil
Dr. Ehsan Mansoor
07507359970 Duhok
Dr.Haidar Habeeb
07807313300 Najaf ElAshraf
Dr.Haidar Abdulla (Hydra Abd)
07700965059 Karkuk.
DrDler R. Hama
07701543850 Sulaimany.
07503206830 Rania & Kalar
or visit our website for online registration

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Irbil, 964
21 January , Thursday 09:00

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