Squadron 15 Year Anniversary / I-F / 31.03.18

We're celebrating 15 years of Squadron. Remaining true to our roots, we are happy to invite the legendary I-F, an artists which has greatly influenced the Squadron brand right from the start through his cult 'Mixed Up In The Hague' mix series.

Back in 2003 the ground floor of an old watchtower located

in the North-Eastern part of Malta has been turned into a makeshift dance-floor, while that which was probably once an armory has been skilfully converted into a DJ booth. Amid the smoke and dankness, some hundred ‘electro-heads’ are bobbing their heads to tracks dropped by Belgium’s Spacid. The island has never seen or felt anything like this before.

15 years later, and Squadron has gained a Europe-wide reputation for being one of the leading active organizations on the electronic dance music circuit. It has hosted a wide array of acts, from Legowelt, Helena Hauff, Kink, Juan Atkins, Space Dimension Controller, Kevin Saunderson, Lone, Gesaffelstein, to DJ Rolando to Aux88. Very few (if any) other promoters could so ably juggle between events spanning across the electro, house and techno genres.

I-F (Viewlexx / Bunker / IFM)

I-F (InterrFerence) is the timeless DJ, producer and broadcaster from The Hague who has been making, unearthing, sharing, spinning and defining myriad different electronic sounds since his emergence in the 90s. He’s the chef behind Intergalactic FM, Viewlexx, Murdercapital, and was responsible for possibly one of the biggest electro tunes in history - 'Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass'. From Italo-disco to acid, house to electro, I-F knows and plays it all.

He is a fierce DJ, one who has more music to call upon than most and one who does so with skill, great story telling ability, infectious charisma and plenty of understanding of dancefloor dynamics. Never making a predictable pull and not afraid of taking risks, his passion for sound is unbridled, and that unadulterated love always shines though in the inimitable DJ sets he performs all around the world.


• Date: 31st March 2018
• Venue: Liquid Club
• Headlining: I-F, Jupiter Jax
• Tickets: €20
• Online Tickets: https://www.showshappening.com/Squadron/I-F

Event strictly limited to 300 people only.

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Limiti tal- Balal
San Gwann
31 March , Saturday 23:00

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