Spaceport 2our: Newcastle show!

Next stop on the Spaceport 2our we visit our naughty neighbor to the north, Newcastle!

Line up:
Cooking with Caustic
Spectacles (Wreck Creation album launch)
Bones Jones & the Skeletones
Deepsea Lights
DJ Cost



You get a sudden rush of excited energy, you feel comfortable, you know everyone (or you will by the end of the night), you’re familiar with all the secret stash spots, and the tunes are fan-fucking-tastic! But best of all- the vibe’s all Love because you’re surrounded by your people, the ones that really get you. That’s exactly the feeling we want to recapture at every Spaceport 2 event!

For those that don’t know Spaceport One was a magical place that existed for a short time only in the far away industrial lands of Marrickville in 2012. The people that manifested this space into being were of a different breed. They loved music, art and human relationships above all else- considering them far more valuable than anything money could buy. When people entered this sacred space they felt as if they were part of a Community that cared. The artists felt so comfortable they would often give the best performance of their lives. Everyone was free to participate as much as they wanted as the night would invariably erupt into an all out no-fucks-given open mic freestyle session finale. I miss the place dearly.

But wait… could it be? Maybe if we really wanted it, we could recapture that energy! Spaceport 2 will be a fusion of the arts: sonic, visual, and tactile. It is Hip Hop focused but I think it goes without saying that Hip Hop itself dabbles into other genres at will. Hip Hop is wide reaching community with many different styles across Sydney, across Australia, and across the World. Yet in each of those styles is a point of commonality. We will strive to bring together like minded people who use Hip Hop to build communities, express their individuality and for positive social change. In other words: All are welcome (no dickheads).


===Cooking with Caustic===
Cooking with Caustic is an experience that needs to be felt rather than described. Physically, they are a 10 piece Hip Hop/ Groove collective from the Blue Mountains, Australia. But reading those words off the page does nothing to explain the sonic whirlwind that you will be thrust into upon first listen.
The first thing that you will notice is that the instrumentals are thick. With beats/ keys/ percussion by Caustic, electric/ double bass by Jarv Benaud, Mark Brown on trombone and Stephen Noble on Sax as well as DJ Cost on the cuts, there's an intricacy to the music that is way beyond your typical Hip Hop dynamic. The sound is so diverse that it is equally the type of music you would listen to coming down on a Sunday as it is what you would put on to put yourself in the vibe to go out on a Friday night.
The list of emcees that spit over these beats is a mile long and includes some of the best in Sydney Hip Hop- P.Smurf and Mikoen from Daily Meds, Madame Wu, EaRelevant and State Advanced of Broken Thought Theory, and Big Village emcees Mute and Tenth Dan. At the heart of the band's vocal line-up lie the diverse and soulful voices of Queen B and Blackjack Davey.

Veterans of Sydney's underground warehouse scene, Spectacles are a genre-bending live four-piece fusing drums, guitars, synths & samplers with melodic and lyrical vocals.
If you must sum Spex up in a mouthful, it's art-rock, trip-hop-n'-roll.

===Bones Jones & the Skeletones===
One hot November night a motley crew of unknown musicians stumbled out into the rainy Newcastle streets. All St. Vinnies suits and Dia de Los Muertos sugar skull face paint… tequila in hand… they proceeded to turn that old coal port town into a hotbed of dirty grooves and soul driven harmonies where no one could resist... the call to dance the grim fandango. They would from that point on be known as Bones Jones & The Skeletones...
...a hotbed of dirty grooves, screaming guitars, whiskey-soaked harmonies & blues excess...

===Deepsea Lights===
Sydney based duo creating Downbeat folk electronica with a trip hop edge. Moving between simple folk songs, to fully fleshed out enveloping soundscapes, they combine vocal looping and layering, beat boxing, spoken word, live instruments and finely tuned electronic sounds to keep their music and live sets enigmatic and captivating for their audiences, and themselves.

===DJ Cost===
DJ Cost started djing close to ten years ago and has been a dedicated student to the art of turntablism ever since. Heavily involved in the local hip hop scene for years. Dj for P.Smurf and Cooking with Caustic and tour Dj for a number of acts including Joe New & Ozi Batla. Dj Cost has recorded studio cuts for a number of artists including Thundamentals and Daily Meds. He earned second place in his first Dj battle at the 2013 NSW DMC Competition & was runner up at the 2014 Wax Wars Battle

Seriously though, no dickheads.

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14 Railway Street , Wickham., 2293
16 January , Saturday 19:30

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