Soulistic Breathwork and Live Sound Medicine Journey

Join us in this living space of breathwork with an immersive Sound Medicine experience to support and guide the depth of transformation. Breathe to free yourself from limitations of old trauma, conditioning and negative patterns. This session will provide a deep love of connection through sound to support

movement through other dimensions of being; accessing the blessings & resources of those states of being.

Soulistic Transformational Breathwork is a transformative conscious energy breathing technique. If you don't have issues like trauma or anxiety, this tool helps re-energize after a stressful day or week and release tension that you don’t even realize you are holding onto until it’s gone! Breath is the bridge between conscious and unconscious mind, bringing healing in physical body, mental body and even spiritual levels. The process is an adventure in self discovery. It need not be traumatic or dramatic. It is however, about allowing and honouring the thoughts and feelings which are present. The breath speeds up the integration of the new perspective.

The Session will include a beautiful acoustic journey while you dive deep into your breath. Adam Rankin brings instruments from, Germany, Tibet, Bhutan, USA, Canada, India, Burma, North America, Peru and Australia. Adam is grateful to be the caretaker of these conscious tools and to bring them to light and share them with you to sing their songs.

"Who reminds you to breathe and to beat your heart? Something is there, taking care." - Mooji

- Release old negative behaviour patterns, and subconscious belief systems.
- Heal old emotional wounds and traumas.
- Connects you with your deepest inner truth, with your divine nature.
- Boosts confidence and awareness, and trust in yourself.
- Brings you to a deep inner peace.
- Eliminate toxins and stress and boost the immune system
- Clears and energises one Chakras and energy system
- A fundamental shift in your outlook
- Powerful insights occur during sessions that bring about rapid change in one’s life.
- Reawaken intuition, innocence and passion

Our breathing affects the way we feel and vice versa. The way we feel, influences our behaviour and our attitudes. The way we inhale reflects the way we take life in. The way we exhale reflects the way we let go or not. Our breath mirrors our relationship with our world. The intention of "the conscious connected breath" is to create an open and relaxed relationship with breathing and so transforming our life.

We keep the inhalation and exhalation connected at the top and at the bottom, creating the conscious connected breath. It is also an opportunity to re-link with the universe, as an affirmation of our willingness to be fully alive, to belong, to be here and now, fully present deserving all we desire (Inhalation), and the willingness to let go with ease (Exhalation) This breath has many effects. One of them is to oxygenate the cells that have carried some of our selfimposed limiting decisions. When the oxygen meets these areas they are perceived as obstacles – it creates physical reactions: new rhythm of pulsation, difference of temperature, tightness, numbness or tingling. We observe and listen to the body, getting the answers from our inner knowing and our very own cells.

1-1:30 Pranayama, Open the Directions for Ceremony
1:30 – 2:30 Dance, Interpersonal guided activities, movement and openings as keys to tap into your own intention and to drop in to your current state with awareness.
2:30- 3 YOGIC Breath partner work
3-4:30 Rebirthing Transformational Breathwork with Adam Rankin's Sound Medicine.
4:30 – 4:40 Shavasanah
4:40 – 4:50 Solsara & Grounding
4:50 – 5 Closing Circle
Price: 44 $ Earlybird (at SAT NAM or online: )
50 $ at the door

Be sure to wear loose clothing, nothing tight around the chest area, so breathing is effortless.
And try to have a good night’s sleep before.


Ajna Stephanie Thaler
Ajna is passionate about embodied awakening and opening hearts. She is a qualified Rebirther, accredited Yoga teacher, certified Massage therapist, Watsu practitioner (water massage), Tantrika, Reiki master, Theta healer, Interpersonal Relating guide. She is the founder of Cacao Heart ( and Soulistic Yoga & Well-Being (
Originally from New York, Ajna is a lifelong student of self mastery, exploring within, and around the world. She has been practicing meditation and yoga for over a decade, having lived and traveled in more than 60 countries around the world to learn and teach ancient and new-age forms of healing through the harmony of mind body and spirit. She has integrated the fruitful experiences she has been blessed with in her sessions. She has been facilitating groups through deep soulful connections and openings for more than 6 years and thrives in the healing that takes place on the sacred journey of the heart. She loves to hold a nurturing space in the "process" of each individual, with permission for all of the person and the personality to be wholly accepted and integrated. Breath is simply greatest tool she has found in accelerating deep processes. Simplicity and depth are found in each inhale and exhale.
Ajna offers private sessions catered to your own needs, cacao ceremonies, holistic retreats and weekly group sessions. Come discover the power of your own breath every Tuesday at 7:30. Take a breath.

Adam J Rankin
After employing his creativity in the upper echelons of the lucrative corporate world, travelling internationally, Adam received a wake up call in the form of a chronic illness.
When his art became a healing practice, he encountered rare, antique Tibetan singing bowls on his Indian and Nepalese ventures.
Enchanted and inspired, a passionate love affair ensued, spanning two decades and over 300 extremely rare high quality bowls.
Along his journey, Adam became a highly regarded multi instrumentalist, gifted throat singer and sounder. He merged his shamanistic studies and insights from deep inner experiences, weaving together indigenous traditions from around the world into one cohesive and transparent delivery. Supporting people to connect deeply to the space within.
His profound knowledge of other realms, his masterful calling in of energy --and the ability to harmonise these energies is a bonus and blessing to be immersed within.

“In the inner space,
there is a place of grace,
where the well of life expands
and flows beyond understanding.” --Adam J Rankin

Feel free to contact Ajna with any queries or inqueries : 0474577235

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